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Asian talk about five G because it's all connected, CLYDE, I'm thinking, I don't know. If it's connected. Maybe it's connected. Maybe it's not connected. We are at the mercy of directed energy beams and microwaves and with five G coming along soon. We're we're certainly going to be in the middle of this electronics, and the electronic smog is not going to be good for us. In fact, people aren't telling you this. But, you know, well, five G sounds fun. And it was at all more connectedness more. How much more connected you need to be five. G? I'm learning is not for you. It's not for me. It's for the machines. The national toxicology program a branch of the US National Institute for health. Conducted the world's largest study on radio frequency radiation used by the US. Telecommunications industry found that a significantly statistical increase in brain and heart cancers in animals exposed to math. The N T P study said they said, well, there is a connection between mobile and wireless phone use human, brain cancer risks, risks of human brain cancer and its conclusions were supported by other epidemiological, peer reviewed studies and especial note is that studies citing the biological risk to human health were below accepted international exposure standards now with this beans is the current safety standards. As far as they can tell. I mean, we're looking at a g and it standards and the after effects we say that scientists are looking at this. We're off a little bit. Maybe maybe about seven million or so we're we're very far from finding out. Whether or not the telecommunications industry is lobbying for five G because they know that businesses would want it. They know that this is good for businesses is good for machines. It's not good for your me. Fi. There's enough concern about this. There's not enough what we'd say vigilant concern. I mean, I don't wanna panic people because you know, by g will come into your neighborhood. You say look, I'm perfectly fine. Look, I'm perfectly fine. You're perfectly fine for a good long time. And then one day you wake up your hair starts falling out. I don't think it's going to happen like that. But I'm just saying that we're looking at exceedingly more damaging help impacts. With mandatory exposures to this sort of thing. And so this immense expansion of radiation emissions. From five G that's about to be perpetrated on an unsuspecting American public. You know, if we're not pushing for regulations not pushing for outside independent investigations in this. This could be considered criminal in my opinion, because this is a military idea. Okay. And the same five G systems that are being implemented for machines are basically the same power, and the same type of I guess apparatus as active denial systems because they emit these these wireless radiation, frequencies, comparible the five G, and they emit radiation in the neighborhood about ninety gigahertz. The current pre five G frequency band emissions used in. Today's commercial wireless ranges from three hundred megahertz to three gigahertz as five G will become the first wireless system to utilize millimeter waves with frequencies ranging from thirty to three hundred gigahertz. That for a moment. Right. And think about what we talked about earlier in the last hour about how a few weeks ago in the Hague Netherlands in in in Holland. Many birds died spontaneously falling out in a park at first. It was a few birds dropping dead. And then thirties were saying what's going on here. They were saying, well, maybe Ripois, and okay, they looked at poison no poison that one hundred fifty more than two hundred and then two hundred plus died. All in all nearly three hundred died. And so we're saying, well, maybe it's because we were testing a new five G Massa was hanging from the roof of a nearby train station. Now they were testing. Unisom five G material, and they were pushing out a peak frequency about seven point four zero gigahertz at the point of the test. The Starling started falling out of the trees. Then we had ducks and geese there sticking their heads in the water until they drowned. They couldn't take it. So whether we're doing testing it for the Dutch railway station. See how large the range would be and you know. It ought to be noted that the, you know, one gigahertz is actually one billion oscillations of energy per second. So you multiply that by seven and you get the idea. The fact that there was a five G test going on. Of course is circumstantial and a lot of these environmentalists will say, well, yeah, I killed the birds. But. When we look at why fight go back to back with one thousand nine hundred seventy five was first being introduced. The market got saturated. And then, of course, CMF wifi hotspots, Wanda everywhere. And today with the addition of cell and cordless phones and towers broadcast in Finnish smart meters. There is just everywhere this twenty four seven inescapable presence of of EMF's smog, or whatever I mean, it's radiation exposure, and it's cumulative and without the expansion of five G and all of its invasive algorithm tentacles into our personal lives. Intelligence gathering would be severely curtailed without without which big brother would be relegated to knocking on your door and looking at handwritten notes and doing what they normally do in that is they would they would have to issue subpoenas and warrants and all that but see with five G. Five G benefits the machines that can be used to basically. Incriminate you. Right now there reaches at the palm of your hands as we gaze aimlessly. Telephone screens, but big brother wants full spectrum dominance where every human. We'll be connected through a microchip or an electronic tattoo, and those connections would also be linked to your appliances. And even the sod you have in your yard, the grass you walk on. Now, thousands of tech enthusiasts all across Europe have already had microchips implanted and now a Swedish company. Is working with very large global employers to implement this on the corporate level, in fact, bio hacks, as the company bio hacks recently told one of the biggest newspapers in the UK. Do they have been talking with a major financial services firm that has hundreds of thousands of employees? And of course, once this technology starts to be implemented. There will be some workers that will object. But if it comes down to a choice between getting an implant and losing their jobs. I wonder how many workers say screw it. I'm not going to work anymore. They need to make money. They need to be employed. And I don't think you know, that's the thing. I mean, if you're if you're employer said to you, we're going biometric, and or we're going with the chip, you know, would you just walk off your job and say not going to do it? Or would you take the chip and get your job done? See? That's the thing. I mean, it was a company called three square market. We've talked about this in Wisconsin. Got three square market began implanting microchips into their employees on a voluntary basis. And did you know that people just jump to the chance to get a chip putting their bodies? And they jump to the chance because they were getting all these benefits from having chips in their bodies. And in the aftermath decision. I remember the USA today article that was published about the three square market. And the headline read you will get a chip eventually all of you all of us will be chipped eventually because they need it in order to implement five g programs. I mean, look. It appears that we will all be chipped. And we will all be living in a smart neighborhood within you know, about the time five G rollouts happening. And everyone will be connected to the internet of things. Now, this is where it gets interesting because you know, you're going to have to make some decisions pretty soon as to what you wanna do you want to be part of the smart city. Well course, you want to be part of the smart city because it'll be mandatory it'll be a law. You have to be this. Okay. Unless you out in the country somewhere, but they don't want you to the country somewhere. They want you to be in the city. So they can control you with a smart city grits. Mike in Maryland. Hi, Mike, you're on ground zero. Mike zero go ahead. Hey. Well, let me let me just start by saying that I run twenty-seven guys on my crew. And we let you all day on soundcloud. Oh, thank you, man. I appreciate that very much. Thank you. Yeah. They tell you that they think that you're the Yoda of the radio by you had to void of Billy. Dee. Oh my God. I can have my own city. Now, cloud city baby. Now. Now, you gotta do is a Colt forty five commercial. Four.

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