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The door with the donation of the new stuffed animal benefiting the fuzzy buddy project at going the kids of the north bay fires must be 18 or older to intent find complete event info luck jio nate said suvs as ism's lima been reporting david cassidy the actor widely known for his starring role as keith partridge on the 1970s series the partridge family died from oregon failure today in fort lauderdale florida you what a sixty seven years old people magazine reports the actor had been in intensive care since he was hospitalized for liver and kidney failure last week he had revealed in february that he was suffering from dementia president trump is discounting accusations of sexual misconduct against alabama senate candidate roy more from tells voters not to support morris liberal rival previously the white house had said only that trump thinks it's up to the people of alabama to choose their next senator as end of the math teacher faces charges of sexual misconduct with a twelve year old student fortyfiveyearold chad is it's nur was arrested following in in investigation by the santa clara county sheriff's office the alleged misconduct happened at a summer math camp in saratoga and the national park service is giving people more time to weigh in on a proposed at fee increase at seventeen of its most popular parks including the grand canyon and yosemite this would be charged seventy dollars per vehicle that's up from the current thirty dollar fee during the five busiest months of the year the common period had been scheduled to thursday the new deadline is december twenty seconds david cassi one but we will uh you know it's funny the a lot of people knew him worth an actor because he did oughta acting after that fact i was reading he was on one of his buyers he was nominated for two emmys prompting now.

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