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Are patron taking us. In wherever you are westwood one the mightier ten ninety radio across the country. We are thrilled. That you joined us you too. Thanks for having us. And thanks for being a part of tj jefferson here along with me as crispy. Mike what's up you guys. Marshall faulk will call in this hour earlier. We had in rapid port. As well as bruce feldman bruce talking a lot about what's going on obviously in college football and across the planet with these crazy super mergers are potentially happening in changing college football everywhere in rap report from jets camp zach signing no sign of growth. Took a call breaking news. It could have been good. It was probably post meets but whatever but anyway he put us on whole he put us on. Hold right he said. Hold on a minute. I was gonna. I was a little nervous people. And then he did the swap and then he slapped back. I thought maybe he was doing a little like you know in a player comes up. I just doing me a little chitchat. But he put us on hold he put us on. Hold taking a lot of 'cause we're gonna get to all of your calls. I love how many calls we have today. It means that you're passionate about what we're talking about. We're talking a lot about simone biles. But we're all talking about aaron rodgers because he is back in green bay people. There's talk he's throwing the word love around. Aaron rodgers did some talking to. What's in the water and green bay today. Aaron got up there and talk for like twenty minutes. Basically an airing of grievances. It was festivus today in green bay and now davante adams is up there doing the same thing about ten minutes ago anderson silly on our good buddy tweeted out asked if devante adams would re sign at a discount to stay in green bay if aaron rodgers returns in twenty twenty two davante adams quote. No that's not going to happen. What other profession do you take. Less than you've earned. I've earned the right to be the highest paid wide receiver in the week. But didn't tom brady take less money to stay in new england a little bit to get other celebrity took but our reasoning behind that everyone else is not married to giselle right well. A good point makes it easier to take a little bit less when your your spouse paid performer. In her life makes three x. That you take you can take this guy. That's why addictiveness discount because the cost in costa rica's already paid for and the penthouse in new york and the mansion in la jeeter's house and. Can you imagine breakfast at that house. I.

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