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You knew the risks when you decided to drive drunk there could be a crash people could get hurt or killed. But that didn't stop you. You knew. You knew you could get arrested, you incur, huge legal expenses, and you could possibly even lose your job. You were well aware of the consequences of driving drunk, but one thing's for sure. You were wrong when you said, it was no big deal. Drive sober or get pulled over. This message. Brought to you by nitsa. This is Bloomberg daybreak Asia. It is forty five minutes past the hour time for a check of sports from around the world. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks, bryan. According to reports, Manchester United and Anthony Marshall closing in on new five year contract after more than a year negotiations. France international started five to seven matches under new interim, boss, Oleg, our solar shy. After having the one year option picked up on his contract last summer. Topsy? Novak Djokovic advancing to the quarter-finals of the Australian Open with a four seven win over Daniel Medvedev. Corey needs to come from two sets down knockoff Pablo a boost staff Lucas, we'll also get into the quarters later tonight to see Raphael faces American Francis. Joffo bird of a style who takes on Stephanos in the women's Ross Rita. Williams speaks top seed Simona Halep in three sets. But Carolina also advancing to the quarters. The straight set win over garden. Marusan Leonardo becomes the first Asia board player to be enshrined in the International Tennis Hall of fame joining Mary Pearson. You've Guinea Kafelnikov now is also the first Asian born to win a grand slam. Event winning both the Australian and French Open arising as high as number two player in the world back in two thousand fourteen reports the Houston Rockets traded Carmelo Anthony to the bulls Chicago expected to release a ten time all star on Tuesday, New York Yankees trading pitcher, sunny great to the Cincinnati Reds second base prospect shed long in a high compensatory draft pick raise agreed to a three year contract extension worth thirty and a half million dollars after going fifteen and sixteen with a four point five on the IRA with the Yankees. I'm Dan Schwartzman, natural Lindbergh NBC world sports update. Global news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg business app talk on Twitter. This is a Bloomberg business flash. It is indeed word forty seven past the hour. Easy.

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