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Down the door? Well, this is starting to become a regular occurrence for video game lad. Streamers will tell you about to recent incidents that this has happened in just a bit because first on top of a recently entering a brand new generation of gaming with the release of the next Generation, X box and PlayStations. We've also recently entered a brand new year and have quite a few things to look forward to. So we're starting to show off this week with the most anticipated games of 2021 much like the circle of life. The site. Goal of anticipated games will continue to repeat for all eternity. And with the release of one of the most anticipated games of all time going over much like a fart in church course talk about cyberpunk 2077, who is the next game to where the most anticipated crown so next? We wanted to run down the most anticipated games of 2021 here at Checkpoint XP. Also, we want to know. Are any of these on your list. Or do you think there's something missing? That should be put in consideration? Let us know. We want to talk to you on the phones. Give us a call at 1833557 days. You know 974, and we'll hear your answers in just a bit, because first we're going to discuss knees. So, Robbie, let's get it going. Which games should be on everyone's radar this year. All right, Well, I don't know if this is actually gonna come out in 2021 or not, but I think this is going to be the next cyberpunk level hype that when it does come out, could end up being a mess. And that is Elden rain. This is coming from the developer. I'm a software who does the dark souls type games. Okay, And what's great about this is they actually have the game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin, who's helping to write this game awhile, so it should definitely have a great, interesting story. Now, the other thing if it ever comes out, that's the thing is like this'll game has been a mean now for a while of just getting spammed and every announcement trailer because people are like, Where's Elden? Ring? Where is it? I mean, it only got announced in 2019, but it's still sees another seven years. Please. I feels like it's been 20 years since this game has been announced another one that I'm looking forward to far. Christ six eyes gonna have Giancarlo Esposito in it, as like the evil dictator that you have to. Ah, defeat He played discuss fringe in breaking bad. He was also a moth Gideon in the man DeLorean. He's also the main villain and isn't far cry Five. See, that means I don't know He's gonna be in far. Christ six. Yeah, the new one coming out as well. We also have dying like to that was supposed to come out last Here but hopefully will be this year. This is your sort of zombie type Apocalypse type thing with Park or with park. Oh, yeah. The idea here is is that people were zombie. Is that people actually living with this? Obviously we found a way to survive with it. But what's what's gonna be great about this game? I got to see it at E three A couple of years ago is it's another one of those games where it's like the decisions that you make will block off. Entire like sections of the game. So in order to see everything the game has to offer, you'll have to play through it multiple times and make different decisions. Wow. What do you and feels a little cheap, like, Just give me the game. I bought the game. Don't make no consequences, man consequences. They have to mean something. Diablo four. You guys think being a Diablo for this year? Maybe, like, I don't know, I want I wish with my heart of hearts that it'll happen. But I just I don't think so. You're gonna be ready in time Not ready, but necessarily. But it's like you gotta have people that like they go three was what, like 10 years 15 years or something. Development? Yeah. And that one kind of came out like, man. I think they're gonna take their time on Diablo for make sure that it again after you know, follow 76 after after cyberpunk 2077 like like developers can't take that. Chances anymore. You have to leave these games in the oven until they're ready to go. Lastly, bravely default to you know, I really loved bravely default. The first one, you know it was it was, it was made by squaring. Some call it a spirituals. Successful final fancy seems weird, but it's It's very final fantasy on then, bravely second. I didn't get very far into that. I was a big fan of that one. So I'm not sure how hyped I am about. Bravely default, too. If you like anime, If you like weed B stuff like you're gonna be into this. Otherwise it might be a pass. All right. There's a rundown of some the most anticipated games so far in 2021. We will hear from you and discuss what games are most anticipated by you in just a moment, Because now it's time for this.

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