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Great treatment I've had with Dr Lee are the D C, doc. Great to talk with you. Well, thank you. It's good to connect with you again. I wanted to ask you just to maybe talk with share about the gentle, non invasive treatment. How that's worked for her, and I'm just curious about if she's had some of the same experiences I have. Yes, of course. So share when you first came to us. You were dealing with some issues. She was dealing with some issues pain across the shoulders, and I think they've been diagnosed as a partially to orange rotator cuff from the right side. Is that correct? Yes. I still on a banana peel. No, that's most anything that anybody could ever do. But I actually slipped and fell on a banana peel at a grocery store, and I had hurt my back and my shoulder and my neck. Well, she I think that's kind of special because I see people with coming with foreign rotated cops, and generally, the attitude is even mine. To some extent, you can only get that repaired surgically. But as I talk about with a lot of practice members, a lot of these diagnosis is necessarily accurate. In your case you started under care with us. What do you tell us how that went for you? Well, surgery was going to be the only solution and the only thing I could do for my shoulder and for the pain that I had that I found out that that wasn't the case, and I have perfect use of my arm and my shoulders now that's wonderful, because you know a lot of us spend our time in front of computers all day long, and I know a little bit about what you do, and you do a lot of that That's important to be able to do that and be pain free and not have problems. In hours a day at a computer screen, and it just has made worlds a difference. I can work without the pain in my arm with that, the pain in my hand and without the pain going across my back and shoulders that was just excruciating. I was on heavy pain meds, and it still wasn't taking care of the pain. And not only did you have pain you also had a grinding in that right shoulder. If I remember correctly, as well in the pain would be a shop pulsating pain, which is kind of attention getting as Match. Yeah, it managed to get my attention. Just fine. I know you had a knee replacement. You had a knee replacement. You left me back in 2017. And one of the things that you talked about in the improvements was that the knees were feeling 80% better. So I'm assuming you must have still been in some degree of pain after the actual surgery. Is that right? I was having a lot of pain, not only in my knee, but my foot and my lower leg were always bright red. And now I actually look like I have legs from the same person. That's very good. Now. You would deal with some nauseous, missus. Well, you didn't feel so well. And I think that improved too, didn't it? That totally went away. But the very first thing that I had I know, deadbeat had told me you've got to go in and see him. He will fix it. You will feel better. Just stay a few more days to you can get in and see him And it was like no chiropractors. I've been to my just could not believe that. Would make that it's difference. Bet. Yes, I'm just couldn't meet. I was just some nauseated and the Nazi. It ended and it really hasn't been back. That's wonderful, you know? And you've made several trips back. I know you back again. Right now We're talking to you. And you'd be coming in here recently. Just because I got in a car active in somebody had the adapts itty to rear end me. I knew where I needed to go. Oh, and that meant I had to take a plane trip regardless of the 19 and come up to Seattle and see somebody who could Make a difference, and it's worth the plane trip and everything else. It's it's like a whole new life. So sure I wanted to ask, you know, I'm also patient of Dr Lee Yardley's and I had this experience of being amazed at how gentle a noninvasive the treatment was. And what a great teacher doctor are. There was talking about the brain body connection. And what if you had that same experience of after the first treatment? Just being amazed at how gentle noninvasive wasn't for me that the healing approve? It was so quick Did you share any of those commonalities? Oh, I So did. It was amazing to me. I come from a family of chiropractors and so You have something so gentle with there's no bunker and pitching, a cracking no poppy, no pain associated with it. No stillness, being able to rock it out and just be totally changed and feel so much better, And I love the screens that he's gotten his office. They show about the nerves in the brain and how they connect to the different parts. In the body. And when he could fix one minor thing between my my skull and my neck, and my stomach is fixed. I mean, immediately fixed up. I absolutely love doctor Yardley and I loved it. Clinic on the people there. You guys have been so good to me. You made my life better. That's what we're here for Share and thank you so much for coming on really appreciate it. If you have a great day, you know, doctor are the I would say That was an amazing story. Except this is what I've come to expect at the Art Institute. I'm so happy for share. How's it feel to you all these years? Do you still get a thrill out of helping people's bodies to restore their ability to heal themselves? I never get sick of hearing it. But it always amazes me, too, that the power of the body to heal itself because what we do what we do is not a cure all we see miracles every day, Not because we're that great, but because the body itself is that great? And were able to tap into that manpower the body to be able to heal itself. So no, I love this. This is what we This is why we do what we do. It makes every day a new and better than the day before..

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