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Radio W F L A Jack Harris would Hey, Good morning. It's a M to have a baby with Jack here and Natalie and Katie. You're palpitating palaver. Paladins on DA. At 7 42 We're going to hear a stories now from Katie and Natalie. Something turned them on. Well, this did not turn me on. I'm going to go first. It's Katie had a horrific thing happened to me over the weekend. So I drove up to Mayor Island on Saturday night with my mom to go bioluminescence kayaking over in Melbourne over in Melbourne. Yeah, so it's only one of five places in the world. You can do this. You can see the bioluminescence in the water it lights up blew at night time. So we went on a nighttime kayaking trip drove two hours over there, So keep that in mind. Yeah. Yeah. So put the kayak in the water, and I'm telling my mom I'm like I want to go out into the water out where it's dark. My mom's like, No, I want to hug the shore line because my mom's very paranoid. She was scared. She wanted to see some fish. So we had been in the water approximately four minutes. So we're paddling along store. We're doing our thing. And all of a sudden, I don't know what it wass If it was a shark, If it was an alligator, it might have been a hippo. I don't know. I'm stretching far here, but we scared it and it leapt up in the air. And all of a sudden you just see this giant blue, glowing ball and like came after our kayak. It was underneath our kayaking. I had this huge wave. I thought our kayak was going to tip. I seriously thought I was going to die. You guys, my mom's panicking. She's just flapping her paddle in the water. I'm like you need to calm down, like calm down because our kayak is going to flip. You know what it wass? You didn't mention you mentioned a hippo. That was Nessie. That was a lot. I didn't know what it was. And my mom thought it was an alligator. So I'm on Google on the way home Because we left after this. We will literally we're not in the water for more than five minutes and we drove. Yes, my mom. Traumatized. I was traumatized. We wanted to get out of the water. Something fun to kill someone else to do a married I'll know we went home. It was 11. 30 at night to everything that was there. Anybody around? You guys know there was nobody around us other people into our home. Yeah, Deal didn't care about hearing a scream. I looked it up on Google to see what it was. I was like, Are there alligators in the banana reverence, said it was a very rare occasion. So then I'm like, Are there sharks in the Banana River In April of this year, someone saw great weight, So I'm convinced. That's why It was. It was a great white shark trying to kill us because it was just a job. Sure. What have you got? Natalie on the top of Absolutely not. This is actually Pretty cool because Amazon is now transforming their boxes into cat condos and a lot of fun shapes like rocket ships. And if you have a cat, you know that when you get an Amazon box, that's the first thing they go to, because you could literally buy a bed for a cat and they'll go to a box. That's the way they are, And I think it's really cool because they noticed during the pandemic that there's a lot more boxes, so they're trying to like, Think of ways to recycle how they can make, you know, use them in different ways. So I think it's awesome. And I will make a block when this happens with my cats inside of them. Huh? Sounds good, by the way. Katie, you have what? Three dogs. Ideo. Yeah, I've seen pictures another Wow. Three. What are their names? Paisley Diesel and Ellie Paisley. Diesel. Paisley is one dog. Diesel is another. And Ellie is my third dog. That's interesting. Name. Diesel Diesel is Jack pays Basil. Is that Brad Paisley? It was not. But everybody seems to think that I think I have some love accepts obsession with There you go. Anyway. It is 7 46 We go to the newsroom and Krist Reitman. A man in his fifties, is among the latest Corona virus deaths in Hillsborough County. The death of the 55 year old was one of 15 in Hillsboro announced by the Florida Department of Health. Three Cove in 19 deaths were announced in Pasco County and one in Pinellas. Statewide, 77 deaths were reported with 9300 new cases. Online threats have a Hillsborough County man behind bars following an arrest in Orange County. Alex Bancroft was arrested this weekend in Orlando after he allegedly threatened on Facebook last week to shoot black lives matter. Protestors A 30 year old Bancroft will be sent back to Hillsborough to face a felony charge of written threat to kill or do bodily injury. There's at least one bar owner in Pinellas County, who's skeptical he'll be allowed to fully reopen anytime soon. State officials imposed restrictions on bars over a month ago. It's starting Friday, they'll be traveling around the state to meet with bar owners to discuss fully re opening. John McMahon owns a bar in ST Petersburg on Central Avenue, he says. When it comes to reopening, he'll believe it when he sees it. I'm Chris Trunk Man. NewsRadio W F Ella. Now let's check Sports Sports 45 from the 95 www D A. N A. M 6 20 SportsCenter on there, and Jacobs in baseball was back over the weekend, and.

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