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Much for the positive feedback on my last video. Thank you for the encouraging words, it really means a lot also wanna just do a personal challenge to my friends and my peers to other artists, I know we've all been affected by gun violence, directly or indirectly. And I just want to say it's our time to take a stand to join together. I know a lot of you guys are on the fence about posted a video, but I just want to challenge you either repos my video or she's your own video and just continue to help spread the word. Let's join together. Let's join together with Tom's super easy. And we got a lot of fans that need to continue to spread this word. So if you're a proud gun owner, if you're artists if you're a friend of mine, that's my personal challenge to you guys continue to spread the word repos my last video in this make a real change. Now, proud gun on. I'm even sure that supposed to mean gun owner. Hey. How are raising my hands right here. I don't know what proud gun owner is. I wanna firearm. But does he understand that? When you talk about these conversations like ending gun violence, all of that is pushed by people who want to diminish the rights of proud gun owners. Moms demand action exists to diminish the rights of proud gun owners, the high profile students from parklands. Their message is not about commonsense. Gun reform is to diminish the rights of proud gun owners. It is to go after firearms as something that is considered unnecessary unacceptable. Both of which are untrue. It is congressman Eric swallow of California pushing for the idea of gun confiscation. Not only the idea of it stating at point blank that he wants to compass gate firearms. So we have if the purpose of Tyler Hubbard here's to get other people to to post about it. And and post his his video that says. You know, I know we've all been affected by gun violence, directly or indirectly. You know, what I know there've been some horrible things done with a firearm. You know, what else I know people are alive today because of firearms. We're not going to have the totality of the conversation. How do we have any conversation? I put forth the argument not the Tyler Hubbard is a bad guy. But I question whether or not he has ever fully engage the conversation because when you say we have to do something against gun violence that doesn't mean anything because only with guns. Do we call a gun violence? We never caught knife violence. Sometimes we call things domestic violence, but we don't have any other categories for things. The purpose of calling a gun violence is to be able to excoriate people who have firearms. Do we need to stop shootings in schools? Yes. Do we need to stop shootings on the streets in in? Yes. Do we need to stop the gangs that do these? Yes. Do we need to stop the culture that that pushes a kids or has kids? I should say not pushes hatch kids thinking that somehow shooting up their school is a value. Yes. Absolutely. Do we need to go after the lawful gun owner? Do we need to go after the second amendment? Of course, not. Tyler Hubbard should make sure he's very clear with his words because oh are they going to be taken out of context? And maybe that's what he wants. I'm Tony cats. You heard the bell you.

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