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Taylor and US con hot I'm Jane Metzler fox news purchase ray Watson is take from the western Tennessee correctional facility on a tractor it was found about two miles away from the prison no sign of him until today fox's colonel Scott live with the latest game the first announcement was made on Twitter later confirmed and released by the Tennessee department of correction that Watson was in custody commissioner Tony Parker says the the search was narrowed it when the tip came in early this morning about three thirty AM residence home here in training Tennessee and there was confirmed under watch and was at that residence he was apparently looking for food Watson had been on the run since last Wednesday he was serving time for aggravated kidnapping police believe he sexually assaulted and killed corrections administrator Deborah Johnson after his escape Jane thanks colonel Deborah Johnson a sixty four year old grandmother of seven worked for the Tennessee department of corrections for thirty eight years starting as a guard a lecture in her Nashville church prayers are being offered for her there Sunday many including Attorney General William Barr demanding answers wondering how sex trafficking suspect Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell yesterday the sixty six year old accused of sexually assaulting dozens of young girls president trump Saturday re tweeting posed by conspiracy theorists linking the Clintons to abstain staff special counselor to the president kellyanne Conway defended the re tweets on fox news Sunday saying the president was also targeted by false accusations this is fox news.

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