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Frank, your thoughts your memories of the great John MacCulloch. I appreciate that, and he was a great man. He and I communicated about situation that existed in both of our families Overtime. Personally, We actually never physically met, but we talked a lot both outside but this subject for a time and on the telephone. He was always gracious. He was always Christian. But our relationship was such that at one time I called responding to an allegation someone made on an issue. Heywood regularly Fay when I called that I appreciated the calls on the forward to them. He demonstrated that by when my battery was dying, and I did not know that he interrupted a report that he was making on his own, invited me on to give my information before my battery ran out, he said. I have Frank before here, and he says the battery's about to die. I want to hear what he has to say. Yeah, And I just had the last after I hung up because, you know, he was that kind of guy with people He got along with. And and he was an inspiration and thank you for letting me letting me salute him. Um, gonna miss him greatly. Yes. And and we all are missing him already. And like you were going continue to miss him. But one of the things that I take hard in Is knowing that he is, in fact, in a better place. John had a deep and abiding faith in our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ and knew that he was destined for better days on the other side of eternity. We're the Patriot FM, 101.5 and a M 1400. 809 239385 news Talk tonight. Darryl would sitting.

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