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That's what i wanted you. Okay so this is what's going on right now. Everybody sports byline is in san francisco. Mike where you at delaware mike's delaware frisco county okay. I believe it or not in cannon beach oregon right now. The studio is in bothell and right. Now i am running this show through the studio in bothell remotely which is heading to san francisco and it's going out so i am taking calls from cannon beach that are being people are calling it a buffalo right now. You've got that everybody know what's the point of all of this you're high in your mind is blown. The point of all of this is if this doesn't go wrong i should. I should get like a marconi. So that was the point of all of that. All right. let's go to the phones. You're on the air. What's going on all right. It's david from honolulu. I just wanna give you guys hold on. Hold on this guy is calling from hawaii over the basel which i'm operating from oregon and then sending to san francisco going on a satellite. Can you believe that. Yeah go ahead honolulu. I'm glad i did it. Get bad i just wanna hear your thoughts on The what's it called. The japanese side of the women eliminated tournament and think are the chances of santana or winning. Titles i thank you all right. I wanna thank you very much for the call that i have not watched any of the women's side of the awa tournaments so i i can't comment on it. I know that apparently everybody that has worked for a double. You won their matches apparently machi till was beaten which made people very very upset. I mean listen. Monkey ito could have won and then lost in the next round. But i mean she was gonna lose at some point. 'cause she's not coming to america and i know people are mad about it but we've seen all sorts of people lose a it's not the end of the world. I know everybody likes mucky ito. I know they love her entrance or character especially or twitter. Okay but like it's going to be okay when when things open up. I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty confident that you're going to be seeing machi ito in a w for now. It's okay like it's a show on youtube not sure who's going to win but there's going to be one winner that's going to come to america and they're going to be a regular for a while and i just think it's okay. I know people get overly upset about what happens with the women and aid. W but i think we can all take a deep breath. Her twitter still going to be awesome. She's still going to be cute. I think we're gonna be alright and as far as santana. Not as i do. Not think that santana teaser. Winning the tag team titles here tonight but anything is possible. So that's my thoughts by ddt universe. If you're so vexed about seeing why would you want her over here now anyway. Or why would you want her to win and be debuted y. She's a character that you're going to need to explain to the american fans. There is a very small segment of people that watch her and go immediately. Oh she must have been a pop idol in monte. The i mean you need to build up. Who the hell this person is in. The reality is is other than rio. Which one of the japanese talent really got over two americans which one do their fan base is really no especially after all this time you know they may remember the name emmy sikora but do they remember you know anything about her. Does anybody remember that real. Ms nami beat. You know who beat makita was in a w eons ago and had a six woman tag match. Probably not so these women who you've already established on your tv who have already been there at least once continued to try to build on them and considering that we have all this going on with travel restrictions. It's not the best time to do this now. They wanna take segment on dark and start featuring these women cut out five minutes or have a couple of two minute. Twenty second video packages throughout dark to hype these women up packages that then you can move over to dynamite. When these women start to come over and the restrictions easing we start seeing more people. Okay fine but like you know yuka sake. Rio has already been established. Say i would figure that you kazakh ezaki would be the next one that you want to establish and you're going to have slowly rotate people end because even the english speaking american women you have even. They are getting the time right now. We still need to build up. Take conti in these other people that they've put good work into they need to get them more established as well too so. I think there's going to be a very small although vocal bunch of people that complain about how. They're doing the this whole women's tournament. But i thought it turned out great. And if i think if you watch those mementos matches no offense to any of them but you could not have taken one of those matches and just magically dropped it into dynamite and had to be a good idea. I think with the way they did everything. I thought it was great and i think they've put up by the way they've put up the japanese commentary for those people who don't want to hear excalibur but i will say this excalibur did a remarkable job. They could not have been an easy task to do especially solo throughout that show. And i thought he did an excellent job doing it going solo and easy. It ain't comcast so yes then excalibur of comcast or did he manage to show done payroll. Apparently not excalibur did not have xfinity or he would have been xed out of doing a show. Sars still pissed by the way. Comcast cares my ass. As personally says this person here mike says yuka sock. Ezaki is the greatest. That is all. Well i don't know about the greatest but it is arguable That she is far more. She would be far easier to market and get across. I think to aid of you fans and casual fans and re hope because of her size and it's not like she's a monster or anything like that just shows you how small rio is. But she's one of those people personality wise. She's got a bunch of moves they some of these women do obviously need to temper their styles of working american and as far as the amount of cheerleading. That's done and things like that. This american companies in and rustlers are doing this too during the pandemic but there is a lot of posing and stopping and looking for cheers where there are none. And that's something. I think everybody i know it's it's habit for some people to really hit a move and start clapping and looking at the crowd. There is no crowd. And i think if you establish once in a match that you know the hard cameras there and you wanna pose pre to it okay. Fine but unless you're a big big star to me like why do you keep posing and preening to the crowd. You know the to me. That's getting burned out to stop doing that. You have one opponent in the ring most cases. There's no crowd around you at all. Stop playing somebody. That's not their play to the tv. Play play your match and then somehow hopefully that can get across to the audience with the work. You're actually putting in the ring as constantly turning around and looking for affirmation anthony. You're on the air. What's going on you brian mike. So i'm excited for any w in exte- tonight but we're talking about this hangman and matt hardy storyline. You guys know where this and right were hangman and matt. Hardy is going to the bar side. You know the papers that he had signed right. No i don't know what papers he signed. No one does. I think i do. I think she signed that party over to beating new leader elvis dark order because if you remember hanging still had those dark order papers i think tank man sign that hardy over to the dark or and we're gonna find that out maybe tonight or in the coming weeks but i think they're going to go on the original storyline. They plan for that. Hardy is going to be the new leader of the dark. Or but this time it's against his will and I wonder if your second my my friend so so i'm gonna leave you on the line for a second. Let me get this straight so matt. Hardy is going to be the leader of the dark order but doesn't want to be well then. Why would he leave him. Because he signed hangman's door quarter papers. I know but but like the papers the papers. There's like a stipulation that you must you absolutely must lead. Well hang me Private party sign those papers and they didn't look over their contract. It's a contract. It's a contract that he didn't bother to look over and he signed to be part of the dark order. It's a contract illegally binding contract. What else could it be. what is what. I'm not sure. I'm sold on this buddy. So so here's another question. Though i thought the hangman he didn't want to be in the doric order but he sort of liked the dark order now. He's going to punish the dark order by enforce by by forcing matt hardy upon them as leader. Let me ask you this. What else could they d. What else could those papers possibly other contract and papers could hang that have but the dart order papers that they gave it to just carry around contractors pocket. No now hold on hold on everything was able to. I wanna thank you very much for the call. You could do that but the idea that there are no other papers. I mean listen listen. What else could the papers. I told you what else the papers could be. The answer is obvious matt. Hardy trinity test. Matt hardy wittingly. That's out of the spelling bee that i've been genius at he. Unwittingly signed papers that put him under the employee of the hangman anytime that they win if their purse is fifty thousand for the hangman and fifty thousand for matt. Hardy hangman is gonna get fifty thousand. Plus twenty five thousand of matt hardy seventy five thousand and matt. Hardy is going to get twenty five thousand. Why did the hangman do this. Well because the hangman is a baby face and he doesn't appreciate what matt hardy did to private party where he screwed them. It actually was partly private parties. Fox the contract but still he took advantage of these youngsters and he signed into a deal where he gets. A large portion of their money. Hangman knew that was going to try to recruit him because he's not an idiot so he drew up the papers at as soon as matt gave him those papers he switched him out that to me makes sense hangman liking the dark order but not wanting to be part of the group and then signing matt hardy. Unwittingly as the leader of the dark order. Were mad is forced to lead this as forced to do a good job leading. What does that even mean that storyline. And if they do that..

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