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Once I get through this construction I. Really think it's because the space I'm living in right now is not peaceful. The Shit Everywhere Jeff. Stress were sweating every day. The movers are coming tomorrow I got sixty seven bucks from New York that we have to shove in the garage, you know we're just living in unrest, emotional unrest, mental unrest, just all of it spiritual never unrest, because you WANNA know why. I'm only in the Lord, Amen. Thank on. If you are a prayer warrior identities day I need you say a little prayer we've been. Try saw this place in Florida. We sold that. We've been trying to sell for years. Place, we went with my dad, my mom, it just needs to be sold so autumn. Asking is at if your prayer warrior, and you're listening to this. Just say specific prayer. We gotta get the soul. Because the people who are down in Florida being astles, it's just something we need to check off. It's a part of my dad that we're just saying. Hey, we need close at chapter with a mask and I just I. I said Oh my fucking. PUNK has asked a prayer requests so i. don't know I I become I. Don't know, but I'm praying for Yana hope you're praying for me. Speaking of prayer is a lot of needs frigging help, so let's get into it. God I love Y'All I do love Y'all and let me tell you something I didn't have this podcast I for sure would have jumped off the roof about a week ago. No actually marched sixteen the day after my birthday would have. So being able to Chit Chat and hear that Y'all are also getting justice jerk crazy as I am I will say misery of a little bit company in this sense, but let's get into the voice mails going nuts crazy. Let me try and give you. Some Sage Advice Aka no advice at all all right? Let's at the hotlines remember you can always call into the absolutely not line I'm excited. Chit Chat With You Anna. Anna you know, see what you're up to. We all going to just take a breath. Take a second and say a prayer again. You can always call the absolutely not line. It's eight, hundred, two, one, three, seven, five, zero three again. That's eight, hundred, two and three, seven, five, zero three. Now. Let's get to our first caller. Hey, Heather! This is Jill from Alabama and I know this week on the podcast. You mentioned something. Something very briefly about wedding etiquette. And I just wanted to say absolutely not to asking the bride why you have not been invited to the wedding I got married about three years ago and a few months before my wedding, my recently deceased grandfather's burnt down along with all of his shirts and pictures and everything we had left of him, and as I'm sure you know in the south when something tragic happens, everyone just comes. Comes over and brings their casseroles and lead the prayer, and all that good stuff, so literally standing outside of my dead grandfather's burning home win. A woman comes up to me and has the audacity to ask me. He has not received a wedding invitation in the mail. I honestly don't know how responded or what I said or what I did. I'm pretty sure I blocked out, but anyways. That's my not love Mike Light. Okay Joel from Alabama. Senate good to hear that sweet southern accent, glamour kind of touching back circling back on that wedding etiquette. Here's the deal. Okay, side note I know there's so many brides that you had a wedding in like March or April. You rescheduled it for June or July. Even that's on fucking happening so now. People are like their second or third cancellation. Okay, it's a fucking shit show. We moved ours to June next year. You know I'm hoping we can. Can still go to Italy and do all those things I'm not going to get that money back plain and simple. It's already overseas. If you think you're going to get it back, you're not and may still at this point I'm like fuck it. If I'm going to do it, I want to do it the way want to do it, and so hopefully we can fucking do it. Okay I mean that's a mouthful I. Want to do it the way I to. Do it I wanNA. Fuck and do it so anyways. Chill, so let me get this straight I'm so sorry you lost your grandfather. I'm so sorry. His house burned down. This is like a fucking. This is a scene from a movie point blank. You know you're standing outside the house. You're seeing it all crumbled down. You're having that moment in this bitch. Which I will respectfully call her that this bitch has he adapted. Come and ask you why she didn't get an invitation to you. What? I mean there's some things that are just so asinine and out of fucking control, it really makes your head spin, and I'm sure that moment you're just like what we had a family friend. Call me and listen I'm trying to navigate this whole role of people that were really close to me and my family that you were really good friends with my dad. especially like where's that fine line of asking like truly sick family friends I'm trying to go to Italy to kind of forget an ignore and all this shit. We had a family friend. Call, K. or myself and all of my daughters and their husbands invited. It's like ten people and I didn't know what to say, so. I'm sure Jilin that moment you clammed up the way I did I literally I a liquid somebody. Just ask you point blank I mean I've never even been asked why I wasn't invited to my own birthday party. Do you know what I mean? I'm such a fucking pussy when it comes to stuff like that like if I'm not invited him like. A issue. None of that's vitamin, C.. When we go more girls like I would never speak up on that suits very wild and bold when I think I've had people ask me and my coming to your wedding. If you fucking gotten an invite Nemo. And Assam because they don't love you. My kind of catch twenty two. If you came to my dad's funeral, you can come for most of it. It's wild. People get very fucking bold when it comes to wedding Joel I'm so sorry you had to go through that and I'm so sorry you know the loss of your grandfather and all that I can only imagine we're all literally trying to survive right now, so I'm so sorry that you.

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