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Have a body. That is a beautiful thing. Then start looking for all the beauty you already see. Then start looking at the areas that you know don't look and discover the beauty there. Other people can tell you you're beautiful. But whether or not you will believe it will come down to what you choose to think about your body and that is choice criticizing your body does not produce. Anything productive. It keeps you stuck. So if you do feel stuck in your body, this is why it's not because of what it looks like on the outside. It's what you're thinking about it. Your body is beautiful. What body image do you want to choose and create for yourself because when you love your body, you really do it shows from the inside out and you get to enjoy that entire experience. So look at this as something fun to do just like if he were getting to know a new friend or you were growing your friendship with someone, Make Fun look for all the ways that you can now get to decide and see the beauty that your body already has. Again, it doesn't mean that you still don't have goals. But you will be making goals and setting goals from loving your body not hating it. I love you guys so much. Joy your body's enjoy all the beauty around you and I will see you next week. Lovely, if you WANNA be more competent on the outside and half the start on the inside. If. You don't take time to create an amazing relationship with yourself. It will show up in every other area of her life. If, you feel stuck or don't know how to be yourself. I invite you to work with me one on one go to Miss Christie, Williams dot com, and sign up for a free call to join my six month program. That's M.. C. H. R. I S. T. IN WILLIAMS DOT COM and I'll see you in session..

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