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These at the local starbucks. But if I had a two seventy five G. C. FOUR CAM. I would be a connoisseur. It's the same thing. Yeah this is. My coon. Tosh was a chip bags. Car Toys. Four fucking years ago dealer all of a sudden all this shit bags car for the entire time then. A generation of you guys who had them as post occurs grew up. And there's what's happening in the shift. Yeah you buy you know. Farah Fawcett is not desirable to your generation. My generation got thirteen year. Old Kid had that posted. Charlie's angels now but my my car did a shoot with Cindy that's like having a portion of the race. Lamar that was the car body. I got photos I got the plates match Dream Girl. That's having a Gershon that race. Lamar as close as you can get to. That actually no My homie dog bought the Monaco Grand Prix Pace car. Okay that's Pretty Cohen. He's he's a parental. Yeah I do. Hotels DOT COM. Apparently so the love your show and you can also drive that down there. Yeah yeah you drive it around and nobody's going to give you stink I? That's the only Better than the than the Cindy Monaco Grand Prix. You might as well get you. Can you get like the Pepsi commercial on a loop road? Get the soundtrack going. I have a bag. Phone fucked Malibu Bunch of visitor get an host with the car. I tried to get my agent to get her to sign. It didn't work I'll come on. It didn't work. She seems cool. She dies you gotTa pull in a guy thing. Al Pacino was having dinner at Dan. Tana's last night I want nothing more than to go up to him and go because she's got great. More importantly respect to you for having dinner at Dan Tana's last night. I'm by myself. I am a sad doodad. Classic folks who were not in L. A. Dan Tana's.

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