Tito, Austin Texas, Rob Schmitz discussed on Environment : NPR - On Top Of Hong Kong's High Rises, Rooftop Gardens Take Root


Support for this podcast and the following message come from tito's handmade vodka distilled from corn and naturally gluten free for recipes and more visit them at tito's vodka dot com eighty proof tito's handmade vodka fifth generation inc distilled and bottled in austin texas in one of the world's most densely populated cities hong kong if you want to grab a tomato for your salad he might have to run upstairs a lot of stairs npr's rob schmitz has this report on the vegetable gardens growing on the city's rooftops on a typical block in this city thousands of people live on top of each other poll fabrica thinks about all these people as he looks up at the towering high rises above the streets and then he thinks about all that space above all these be the square footage here is incredibly expensive but yet if you look at home from from above its full of empty roof dumps it is he says a big opportunity for growth fabrica is not a developer in a city full of bankers he's a gardiner he helped run a gardening cooperative called rooftop republic in hong kong currently there are around seven hundred exporters of farmland that are being farms so the amount of rooftops space is almost the same as the amount were using today to farm like farm actual farmland hong kong's agricultural contribution to its gdp is eero point zero two percent fabric as goal is to boost that tiny number by filling hong kong's 1500 acres of rooftop space with vegetable gardens he starting small by giving tutorials to city residents of them were on the roof of a french restaurant in hong kong central district it's surrounded by skyscrapers in its covered with row after row of container gardens.

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