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Is not the latest step by beijing to hollow out space for democratic debate in hong kong the new measures for lawmakers no different to the ones in place in the uk. It's the british government in that building. They're not china. That needs to apologize. Have a hong kong excellent. Well done how so then you can have your say on. Are everything else. The show is now yours. Let's take a call from alaska. How could we resist. That david in alaska. Welcome to the show. David i've got some social media can fill in with mahama says israel wouldn't have been born without britain and wouldn't have survived without the. Us palestinians longest occupation suffering apart ethnic cleansing imprisonment blockades of anyone who stands up against them and jonathan says the israeli administration is pulling the trigger enabled by the usa and uk. And all this was set up by us in the uk another post colonial outrage freya on the other hand says the folks who started the rocket launchers hamas and free fib f. i. e. phoebe says uk gifting land which was not there to give away us giving cover and aid to continued atrocities. David is now in alaska. Long way away while com. Good morning again. George is always a pleasure to speak with you. I hope you are well. God thank you. I'm very glad to hear that. He has a what i wanted to bring. Up is rather large in scope but begins with A group of nations that starting with israel and the united states and how they may manage to put rocket base in on kodiak island and that was determined for peaceful purposes period. And that would be it. And i mean assuming years come about that. Israel is testing their rockets with raytheon now and their their rockets being used for warfare and expressly shortly on so many levels being tried out on the palestinians i in many cases but what ties in to the third country is germany which out of a sense of guilt that has gone on. For way too long has given israel nuclear missile capable sub capable submarines over the past ten years and other six of them and all of a sudden. This comes full circle back to alaska even and i'm very distressed by this much more worried about israel with nuclear weapons than i am with china russia or anybody. I just think it's a wild card that we've suddenly got to contend with but it's generally goes on spoken yes it does indeed the ira has never asked to inspect The the israeli nuclear weapons base In the in the desert which the brave isreaeli whistleblower modern vanu told us about more than thirty years ago and still they have not asked to see underneath the sand of the negative. The very place where. Israel holds more than two hundred nuclear weapons. Afraid you should be. Thanks very much david for the call. Let's stay in the united states. Go to virginia and talk to naseer in virginia. Go ahead nazir. George w salaam nice to hear from you. Glad i'm Number one very huge fan especially after watching the senate hearings which was ten years ago. But i watch it once in a while just to reset and can get anything by by The words that were said. But i guess Is a six zero. Six zero six zero match and so Thank you so much for There's got thank you so much but i just wanted to level said about israel. Just take a broader kind of perspective on. Why is it that between ten and twenty million jews on this planet Had this entitlement to the had their whole homeland if every enclave of ten or twenty million people wake up one day and say what we deserve. Our homeland the thousand. I don't know how many countries have seven billion people on this planet. And why is it that a small population that identifies themselves as jewish quote unquote more zionist. But and we won't get into the distinction here yet. Because i'm sure we don't want no serving time can do that anytime but the hour is late and that will that will definitely cut short how deep we can get into that bygone. Finish your point. So that's that's point number one point number two for a solution is why don't we just rename palestine-israel to moose on that as you know Who says word for a prophet moses and we all just say okay. The laws the prophet moses this land equally to all then neither christian nor june. Personally we have a problem with that but the problem is that no one wants to really do that right. They have their own agenda. And it's about the money as you say it's not about the prophets mussa. It's about the profits with the dollar sign or the of course. I know israel exceedingly well. I've spent a lot of time there. I'm here to tell you that. The great majority of israeli citizens never go to jerusalem is far too religious for them there too much religious extremism for them that they. It's no accident that they prefer tel-aviv. Preferred the beach the propel the mediterranean cafe lifestyle The the are not that many as a percentage of the hold is really population people demanding the right to mussa land. They'd run a mile a lot of them if forced to follow the teachings of moses. I'm every cannot have self determination because of course you can convert to religion could not possibly have jehovah's witnesses or mormons demanding the right to a state boggling hardware but there are two exceptional issues. He but must be raised first of all miserable already exists so arguments about whether it ought to have existed are ordeals because it exists. It's powerful state. It's a nuclear armed state. It's a state with the support of Almost every government in the world. So it's going to continue to exist. Therefore what now needs to happen. Therefore is a discussion about what kind of state this is to be. That's why i advance the argument for eight democratic state of israel hyphen palestine which in which the three religions coexist. They might hate each other for a very long time. But then those white people in south africa the.

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