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He's a huge piece for them. They need him to stay healthy. And Klingberg you mentioned is this incredibly talented, offensive defencemen, right? But sometimes he's a complete gong show. He's a bit of a liability sometimes and yeah, and you know what you're getting. I mean, you know, putting them out there, he's going to he's, he can be like a seventy point demand is insanely skilled. So you've got to have them with methodic. You're going to have at least at some points in certain games, not trying crazy things, right? You're got to know at what point in the game, like, all right. I got kind of settled down a little, but when I got a question for you. This Valerie Niskanen I probably fucking that name up to. He was with Dallas and he went away to play in Moscow for a couple years. And now he's back. I, I saw the same thing and I remember he left. He wasn't getting the contract he wanted and he went back and he played in the cage and now he's back with Dallas. I've no clue of now. He got the contract they wanted or now he's like, oh my God, I called their bluff. Can't do it anymore here in the cage. I'll get me back to the charter planes with sushi and not saying fuck to money, hookers over shine hickok comeback and get my life together. But any only got old. He never got over the hump as in the NHL his third year he has when you see that guy buzzing down the wing with the puck, it's a monster. That phase. I mean, this group, this group up front, like I was saying, spells gets older, but he's still so skilled. He could be he could have a big year on the power play, especially Sagan, pencil him in for forty and forty. It's insane. To think, but he kind of will deliver that automatic. He's automatic and Ben's one of the best overall players in the NHL. I think he's going to want to come back from injuries that he's been dealing with for a long time. So it depends on what they get from new kind of bottom, six guys. And like I said, Blake komo's. In addition there Tyler pit. Like he was an Edmonds with me for a little bit. He could be a absolute Honey badger as you say biz and he's coming off ACL surgery. So there's a lot of guys that have lots of proven and that's why picking them to do well isn't isn't shocking or surprising. It's just like after last year we got to actually see it. So I'm not sure if I'm ready to put them in the playoffs. I got no ball. I got no balls to pick them yet. I think the biggest fan x. factor we haven't mentioned is they got a new coach full Mamane black bid. Jim Montgomery, I believe this is first NHL it coaching gig, right? Right. Biz. The head coach before. I don't think extra put me on the spot there. Sorry, legend main talked with Jim Montgomery. I don't know if you've ever seen out of the woods. It's the DVD that covered the Maine black bears NCWA win. When Paul career one is a freshman. Jim Montgomery was a senior. Okay. Guys understand that this dude dominated college hockey, like maybe nobody ever before he would. He would fly around and this for years before Korea got there. So naturally when he came, it just took it to another level, but he played four years at Maine, dude. His points were sixty. Eighty one sixty five and ninety five is senior with so superstar in in college hockey played a longtime pro, put a lot of time in the shell. He was over in Europe played and I played NHL games obviously one hundred twenty two. So he went onto then coach and he was at, he's at Denver. They won a national title and he moves on. Getting the big bucks. I think that's maybe it was his dream, ROY shit'll college history lesson going on over here. I think then that Quakers came players, level players, love them. So I'll be sure to see how they do, but it's gonna be a different this year, and that's going to be a factor for shorts..

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