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Militaristic solid majority. I don't know. I think there's a recognition in congress that this is a terrorist regime as to make it difficult for resin by them to reward the regime at this point though he apparently seems to be trying thinking. That's an incentive in terms of the use of military force. I think it's kind of a new secretary of defense amac by schorr how he sees all this. I would imagine at. The pentagon has contingency plans on the shelf for many different things may depend how provocative the regime actually is. And there's a lot we don't know of course about biden s president on lasting on. Ask you how do you see the role of the chinese evolving in. What's happening in iran troublesome. I think that xi jingping was china's ruler with more power than. Hi israel's dismounts ton thinks it's always good when america is distracted and has various problems in annoyances and other parts of the world because they can do less about what. We're doing the people's republic china as rand ambitions. They violated international basically in hong kong. I was traveling gatien. They had two systems. Nab hong kong has no more data than or beijing or anywhere else. They're threatening taiwan. More america's tie-down places less america l. I want offended self. They are aggressively taking over the us. Various international organizations because they want a new world order dominated by them and by other totalitarians with whom they are very much league. You know what. They're doing the By vitamin nistration genocide and yet they're sitting on the un human rights council hardly a hesitant vendor rights. John is a problem. I don't know that. China wants death to america wants a diminished america. That's a market. Not much else am and certainly the greatest competitor we have just in terms sheer capability. Listen i want to thank you. Because i do think what you're doing and what your organization does is extraordinarily important element foundation defensive democracy whether it's with china or it's with iran or with russia or in syria menu very consistently been doing solid work. And it's kind of amazing thank nudism always a pleasure to talk to you. It's a pleasure to know you for all these many years. Learn from you over all these years. Continue to do so. Thank you thank you to my guests cliff. May you can read more about the foundation for the defense of democracies and the iran deal on our show page at neutral neutral produced by gingrich three sixty and iheartmedia. Our executive producer is debbie. Meyers our producer. Who's garnsey sloan in our researcher is rachel peterson. The our work for the show was created by the penalty special. Thanks the team gingrich. We sixty if you've been enjoying neutral. I hope you'll go to apple podcasts. And both rate us with five stars and give us a review so others can learn what it's all about right now listeners of neutral and sign up for my three free weekly columns a- gingrich three sixty dot com slash newsletter. I'm newt gingrich. This is world.

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