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That we wouldn't want to see in the bathtub with our kids but still our kids and our neighbors and our neighbors kids at family members they're out there in these waterways fishing recreating and swimming and wake boarding tubing and all the other things that we do that were being around these waters and it's such it is part of our life here as floridians that for me it was just a no-brainer to take this on as an issue just like it's a no brainer take our veterans as issue talk about your videos looks like you have sixteen so far lake. Oh fat chicks. Why are you doing those and what are they about. I i think it's important that as we go out there and we tried to disseminate information a lot of information could really <hes> you know you could say what had this and on one hand that and you know so. It seems like <hes> you know everybody out there. They wanna take a bit of information offered and it just i suspected in thousand different ways and say no. That's not true. That's not true. That's it's not true. It's so i just tried to take really simple ideas that matter to the whole of the system and try to present them in about one minute iced us just to say listen. This is just a fact this is this is a you know an should be noncontroversial <hes> fact that everybody can agree on listen. There's <hes> you know. I'll give you one. There's one reason that the east of the west coast of florida get discharges and one reason alone and that's because lake okeechobee gets too too high of a level and what at that too high of a level. There's a dyke that's at risk and there's communities that are at risk if that dike were to leave or to breach so that's a simple fact and when we acknowledge that that simple fact well that puts into perspective that one of the many things we need to deal with are the levels that we keep lake okeechobee out. I think you know another simple simple. Fact is that you know what every summer starting at about mid may we get into a time year that we call hurricane season or florida's rainy season knowing that you know the probability what is working to get large amounts of rates probably several named storms and you know and hurricanes this don't likely that we get in that season so we don't we're going to get a lotta audrain and that there are communities that may get flooded out with too much rain because a dike breaches and in order to protect those communities from from flood. We have to potentially ruin other communities by discharging water to them. You know what we could prepare a lot better for that by lowering the levels of lake okeechobee before we get to that time of year instead of doing emergency management right when we see store by the horizon say advance sorry everybody we gotta dump all this water. Sorry it hurts your community. These are just simple facts designed to let people <hes> you know look at some of the things that are that are peripheral and potatoes about this situation that we deal.

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