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Border in cooperation with customs and border protection with some help from USDA. Beagle brigade specially trained dogs that can sniff out things that people coming into the US should not be bringing in with them. The other day one big will lead inspectors at the Atlanta airport to are roasted pigs head in the luggage of somebody from Ecuador that had could have been carrying the African swine fever virus. And so it's those types of screenings that we need to have in place to keep it off North American soil. If it got into commercial, hog facilities that could cause huge losses for the US pork industry. Gary Crawford for the US department of agriculture Washington with the passing of Sacramento county. Farm advisor Chuck angles last summer, the Sacramento pear growers have been left without someone to advise. Is them on how to grow pears that job now falls to the Parad visor, who's based in lake and Mendocino counties. Good news is there will be a pair research meeting in the Sacramento area. Coming up in February Wednesday, February six at the walnut grove library meeting room, north market street in walnut grove. It'll be a four hour session for the two thousand nineteen Sacramento. River district and their pair research meeting Sacramento area pear growers are very concerned that chug angles position will not be filled and that is going to be one of the topics addressed at the meeting. In fact, that's the eight thirty meeting the status of the cooperative extension pathology program in the Sacramento, delta area. Also, there will be a progress report on mechanical mass harvesting of pairs evaluation of new bacteria sides for controlling of.

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