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You look at ESPN dot com coach's hotseat rankings, and there's that name CBS sports the same thing. There's that the power rankings LSU's in the middle of the pack if has LSU's over under at seven wins. I mean, it's it's hard to ignore all of that. So I if that's where the season settles, then it's going to be very interesting what the leadership of the department and the university is a whole elect to do if they stay the course, if they decide to make a change. Now I feel all of that is premature right now because like let's see if they go out a week from Sunday and they'd beat top ten Miami. A lot of this noise gets flushed man, but they lose to Miami in two weeks later, they lose to Auburn and you're a two loss before you get talk Tober. And if you want to tell us you over schedule and then what's coming in November with Alabama could heating. There's no doubt in in by the way we, we've been talking about this for a long time. You talk about it more than we do Matt, but at this point, is there anything left to be said, is it or is it just a matter of trying to get this win in a number of days? I look, I. I think what happens between now and the opener relative to all of these this off the field, I hate to keep referring to it as noise because we're talking about legitimate charges. Paul Tyler Taylor, the linebacker. I mean, he's charged with with with two felonies. He's accused of driving getaway car at a at a at a upon shop burglary where they stole weapons. I mean, that's like you're talking about if this kid is convicted, you're talking about life altering ramifications. I'm not an anyway trying to make light of that, but you, you try to contextualize things. Okay, that's what's happening here. But if you're just talking about a football conversation like that, Miami game, so big because I don't think they're winning off or not. I don't. I don't know how this team is young as they are inexperienced their offense is going on the road at your hair, winning that game. So if they can beat my. Emme and had that notch in the Bill earlier it. It comes so much of the noise and at least makes you feel like, okay, this team has potential to play with the big boys on schedule. So I'm I am firmly focused from football standpoint, say, look, September second, Arlington, LSU's going to have a massive crowd advantage over Miami. They got a really good defense mellitus years, been inconsistent as a quarterback. If all of those things fall LSU's way, they win that game. Then then the narrative around this program starts to change this year. But if you lose that game, that's where I think you really start to get into some some dangerous territory before you could get October. And let's assume that that happens. What are the most serious questions that you think you you others? Fans will be raising. I mean, Paul, you can't go any. I mean, when I was there and Atlanta with with you immediately as everyone was asking about about Joe alita, the director and how he had who were aligned. And I look when Joe's not dumb. He knows when he hired owes Ron. He knew his legacy is tied tiring at ocean. So that's, that's the question I got asked that at sea media days and every interview I did, and that's what every LSU fan wants to know. And I think gasoline got poured on that fire little bit. Paul when the new board of supervisors had their meeting in June and they, they did not rubber-stamp. One of the contracts at LSU tried to push for the women's basketball coach, and they also did not extend Joe leaves deal. So in a sense to kinda lame duck AD and it's it feels very much like everyone who is in a position of of making. They're waiting to see what happens with this football season because it it's, it's very. Obvious if things don't go, well, people in charge or prepared to make changes what those are. If it's if it's an ethnic richer, if it's the coach, if it's corners, I, I don't know. I could speculate like anybody else could, but it's it's hard to, nor those very tangible signs that are everywhere around this program right now. Men..

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