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Sending the house. They got their with their base defense for the most part. And you see Donald's big sack total twenty and a half. And you look at the guy who plays next to him. And I think people just assume that the Rams get a lot of pressure on quarterbacks. You look at the star players. They have on defense and just blindly assume. That they put a lot of pressure on quarterbacks. They don't they're twenty four thousand thirty teams this year. They got one guy who does it. And I feel like Bill ballot. Check will make sure today that Aaron Donald doesn't destroy his game plan. They'll sell out to stop Donald. I like gronkowski to win the MVP. The Rams were thirtieth against the tight end this year in receiving yards allowed thirty out of thirty two teams. And they haven't faced a good tight end of the playoffs yet. They they faced Dallas who never found a Jason Witten replacement in New Orleans at the Benjamin Watson is. Not that Ben Watson, Shannon Sharpe. But. He's a quality starting tight end in this league. And he was unavailable for the NFC championship game. Because he was sick. Tight ends kill the Rams. Kelsey did in that fifty four fifty one game. Look at Kittles two games against the Rams Kittle averaged one hundred twenty four receiving yards and a touchdown. In those games. So I would expect rutkowski to go off. He's healthy. Bulging disc is over it in his back and achilles tendinitis has gone. And you've got the retirement thing looming over them. I don't think Brady's gonna have crazy numbers. I think gronkowski you will have a touchdown to and we'll be as leading receiver any might make the catch that wins the game. Here's Cody in Texas on CBS sports radio. I cody. Good morning, pony express. Love the show love love, the analytics, everything forty one thirty five Rams and Josh Reynolds is gonna be an MVP MVP eight plus catches hundred and fifty plus yards and two touchdowns. Why do you like him? Well, listen to you earlier, you said the patriots might try to take away. Brandin cooks. Yeah. He's uh unknown or the I guess you would say the underrated. Josh Reynolds for a big place. I could see an for twenty or thirty yards coming his way. They do a lot of that. They do a ton of that. They they are the league leader in these jet sweep plays where they get the wide receiver. You think thanks for listening. You think to yourself? Tyreek hill. Austin are the guys who are the gadget play wide receiver. So you want to hand the ball off to the Rams they run those little jet sweeps all the time. In Reynolds is the guy for them. Reynolds. Hey, I remember the Seattle Super Bowl the Malcolm Butler game. You got wide receiver. So I didn't even know we're on the team making plays against the patriots secondary. If you've got a star they're going to load up the stop them now. When the patriots played the eagles in. Oh, four Tarallo N's had a huge game. But McNabb didn't in. Brian westbrook. Didn't so it's always pick your poison. I think if Gurley was healthy. If Gurley was at his best either the patriots would load up to stop the run. And they would dare Goff to throw at forty times and win the game. Even though we had an exceptional season. Now that girly isn't one hundred percent. I think they'll double cooks because that's the wide receiver that Goth is produced the best numbers where this passer rating is one sixteen when he throws two cooks. And I think they're gonna force. Woods who's not a big play guy. He's a possession receiver in Reynolds. Who's less hailed the debate them? Goth is not put up big numbers in a long time against a quality team last time. He did it was that at the game against the chiefs. Fifty four fifty one. Gurley is a mysterious player in this game. He won a lot of you out there fantasy championships and was a monster this year the regular season, but got nicked up in December in really is not been the same player since there's an update on his health that I want to talk to you about here. We got an update on his health and. I want to figure out I want to know from you. How how important you think he is too Rams victory as you handicapped the Super Bowl? And prepare to make a pick. And. Maybe make a friendly bet with friends. What makes you think the Rams can win the game? Are you convinced the patriots when a blowout? I want your thoughts on this game at eight five five two one two four CBS. It's eight five five two one two four two two seven. You can follow us on Twitter at CBS sports radio on at the pony. Express pony. Spelled P O N I right now. It's time for the latest sports update with Alex.

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