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Healthcare workers. Thank you. For all you do the WTMJ five day forecasts and these guys today with highs into the seventies tonight Though mostly clear, we drop into the mid fifties towards the lakefront near 50 degrees inland Friday afternoon. No will come back into the upper seventies with mostly sunny skies Saturday. Hive 85 with breezy conditions. Winds out of the Southwest gusting near 30 miles an hour Sunday at Cold Front will bring a slight chance for some showers and cooler air. We dropped to 76 Monday a slight chance for showers a high of 78 on Tuesday a high of 77 with a chance for a few showers. Meteorologist Mercy Wallace and with the storm team forecast on WTMJ Reno Madison at 67 degrees in Green Bay, 65. Walkinshaw 68 in Milwaukee were at 72 degrees. Melissa Barkley, citing unlimited wtmj News time, 12 Oh, eight. Live from the Annex Wealth Management Mobile studio. It's summer fast. This is the Jeff Wagner Show. The Accurate Mortgage Talking text line is open. Now give us a call at 85561616 20 now in for Jeff Wagner. Here's Wtmj. Scott Waris Broadcasting Live. Yes, indeed broadcast Live from summer fast It is week two of the three week extravaganza that is the 2021 Edition of Summer. Fast will be here today. Wisconsin's afternoon news follows me. Tomorrow Saturday, and we'll do it all over again again next week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So I got you for the next three hours. Come on out. Say hi gesture at me appropriately or inappropriately. I don't really care. Just gesture at me, would you today until three tomorrow till three. Big show Big show on tap coming up in about an hour from now we're going to talk. You heard Melissa mentioned it right there. We're going to talk with Rebecca Kleefisch, the former lieutenant governor, Republican lieutenant governor Under Scott Walker. She announced her candidacy. And while other a couple others have filed paperwork, Kleefisch is the first one to well. They kick off the campaign to officially stand up on a on a on a stage and with Mike in hand, say, I want to be the next governor of the state of Wisconsin. So we're going to do that in about.

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