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Welcome back in Arbor. We have started of the Michigan spring scrimmage on eleven eleven and shape. Patterson has started this scrimmage at the number one quarterbacks about Wilson has been running back right now they snap the ball and nice pass completion to Dirani bell over the middle from shape. Patterson out of the shotgun early on, Dan. What have you seen from this offense hasn't looked a little more uptempo to you in the early going? Well, the first three or four plays. They ran. They snapped the ball with between twenty and twenty five seconds left on the forty second play clock. So that in an last year Michigan rarely snap the ball outside of the ten second market just took that long huddle and get up to the line. And I think we all can think back to times when they were really struggling to get the snap off before they incurred a penalty. You know, how many times did we get a game penalty because we didn't get it off in time. I don't think that's going to be an issue this year the. Oh line all the players looked at a sidelines. They're holding up cards different colored this and that so it's all brand new shotgun for Patterson to receivers split left. They bring Ronnie bell in motion and back to throw Patterson. Throws over the middle crossing around this is sane Ryssdal. He got it at the twenty beat one guy, of course, runs into the end zone. Although the defense. Jackley tackling. So but still a nice pass and say Ryssdal that young freshman. Doug talked about him. We talked about him a little bit, Dan. Yeah. That's the second time. He's got the football in this first possession of the offense. Now. Josh Mattel us was pretty nearby. I'm not sure he could have prevented the completion. He probably would have made the tackle. And a good year, by the way from tells last year, he was an all big ten performer for this Michigan defense, then again, no huddle. Patterson remains the quarterback the offensive line, by the way, scuba right? Tackle Runyon laugh Bredesen's and away. New are the guards the center Ruis. And now, they call it time out, and again, this is a scrimmage, but shape Patterson, solid. He didn't have what he needed and you wanna get this figured out in spring. So he calls the time out to go check out with Josh Gaddis and find out what happened on that, particular instance. Well, what happened is the only? A ten guys and Vance someone was very late coming out. Let's go to the sideline. Now. Doug Karsh with an interview we are joined by Gina Coleman who is the client community relations director for PNC Bank. PNC back. The presenting sponsor of the Michigan spring scrimmage for the tenth year Gina tell us. Why PNC gets involved PNC wants to be excited about Michigan football on like everyone else in spring means Michigan football. And so we want to join the excitement with students and alumni in the community onto out here. A great partnership tells a little bit about the halftime presentation the Sanger leadership center, the Ross business school honoring some pretty special students today so students you've been students participated in an intense competition through the leadership conference crisis challenge. And if includes two MBA students and undergrad students third year partnership, and they get to simulate they serve senior executives of a company, and they get to work through a crisis China to twenty four hour Christ. This challenge PNC, employees and executives serve as simulated board of directors taking them through this really intense exercise, great leadership development program. We're going to be honoring and highlighting the winners of the team winners on during halftime, Michigan PNC working together. So as you know, we are the official consumer Bank of you. And we were voted the best Bank by Michigan daily to. We just learned by the students of U of M for our banking and product services. So it's a great. It's great to pair a great university with a great financial institution. The best thing about the program financial education that we provide to the students as well. Just people know Gina's college football fan. Oh, yeah. Love college. Football basketball our football season ended little disappointing last year. But what a great time for for sports in general, Michigan teams and exciting if a new season coming and we're looking forward to it. Gina coma. PNC Bank for your time. Thank you guys back to you. Thank you. Doug. Michigan's first possession of scrimmage got down to the seven yard line where it stalled after a pass to Tariq black a run by true Wilson. So Jake moody has come on to attempt of field goal. And that field goal is good. So the offense on their first possession. Even again, there's no tackling this discourage, but they're trying to avoid injury with too much big contact at the point of attack. So Jake moody puts the offense on top three to nothing when we come back with the next possession. We'll talk a little defense. You're listening to Michigan football from learfield. IMG college, you.

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