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You ever desperate looking for flight to get an LA, and you're like, I don't wanna fly all the way out there. It's just ten minutes more worth of travel times because it sees was farther, Orange County. It seems much farther, but the highways are open you don't have to drive through downtown, blah. And the whole net result is ten minutes. If you can find a better. Flight check that one. All right. Aren't shame on line five RJ, you know, that story just reinforce WI fi private? Son of people is our fault. It was our drivers fall RJ your from Bevis was the sharp play here. The Sharpston the situation, you know, I I was kind of fading in and out of the details. Give me this an office. Do it again do it again. All right. If you can't explain in ten seconds ten minutes now. All right. RJ private. Yeah. I don't know. I it was it was funny. I got to use. I got to use the for the first time, they totally rebuilt the Vegas airport, or or at least the section of we're in D gate, or whatever it is. And walk past the American Express lounge and for the first time in nineteen years me pulling out my American. Placard and I'm going so what you wanna cut up some booger sugar doing the bathroom for the first time actually done that I brandish car, and they went this. Right. This way field good. It was all made it all worth while. RJ's website pregamEcom is where you can go. What do we got RJ? How do we do? Oh, sorry. Let's let's last week. I'll tell you this RJ want one out of two right or one in one or whatever we described that. You're now at fifty six percent winning. It's time to up that a little bit. Oh, okay. Adam now that you said it ninety seven let's plays interesting. It's..

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