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Amount publicist. Darrell Johnson Kelly continues to battle allegations of sexual assault. A New Jersey firefighter has filed a civil rights lawsuit. Saying he's being forced to shave his beard that he says he grew for religious reasons firefighter, Alexander Smith began growing out his beard in December. And he tells nj dot com. The Atlantic City fire department is threatened to suspend him without pay department guidelines prohibit beards and go t's saying facial hair can affect the seal of the breathing mask firefighters where he works as an air mass technician and says he has never had to enter a burning building or wear masks in his job. A Boston Red Sox pitcher will be sidelined by yet another suspension. Major league baseball has suspended. Boston Red Sox pitcher, Stephen ripe for eighty games without pay after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs right testing, positive for growth hormone releasing peptide to the league announcing Wednesday as the pitcher will now be placed on the restricted list to free up a forty man roster. Spot for the Red Sox right will be eligible to participate in the two thousand nineteen postseason if the reigning World Series champs make it back. This is the second season in a row that right will be suspended for his actions off the field. He served a fifteen game ban under the league's domestic abuse policy last year. Menopausal Tano, Fox News, Presley enterprises and local officials in Tennessee reaching an agreement outlining several projects to expand Graceland. The deal doesn't settle a court battle over the expansion centering on a sixty two hundred seat arena that city officials say would violate a non compete agreement with the FedEx forum and also does not approve development at Presley's former home, but does lay out the potential for new sound stages. Guest cabins.

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