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Don't even ask you we're gonna open the pandora's box here what about you do you not care about keyboard keyboards if you have some specific opinions becky boards i feel it's a moral failing that i don't care more about keeping but i do not i might twenty fifteen mac keyboard is just fine and is a magic keyboard with my ipad and i'm fascinated first of all kimber the tower of keyboards on the wire cutter article that the four i shouldn't call it a tower more like a four the fact that you created a fort of keyboards is amazing and wanted to commend you on that thank you that is also why i have this problem it was that guide that did me and now i own five to seven keyboards depending on how you count it's like extra letters don't ask just i'm going to throw a little curveball at here and show you something that i've been testing lately that will probably blow your mind this you've already seen it it's the tap like finger keyboard it's tap with us dot com and it's a keyboard that fits over your fingers and it's a keyboard and mouse and you have to learn a whole different language like the thumb is a and then it's eighty iou for your hands and i've just started learning it and it's insane but you can tap on any surface you can tap on your desk you tap on your head you can tap on your heart so tap with us dot com it's a ridiculous thing that i'm not i guess it's for gaming too but i haven't learned the language yet but i think it would i just wanted to blow all of your keyboard obsessed.

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