China, Andrew, Davis Craig discussed on Overdue - Ep 246 - Kushiel's Dart, by Jacqueline Carey


This is a head gum podcast everybody it's andrew from overdue pug as about the books you've been married i am craig on here to uh this we we talk about a kush hills dart by jacqueline carry it's a fancy booked us got a lot of explicit sexual content in it so we wanted to give you guys a heads up we don't uh we will get you far out to the weeds but things get do do gilmore ac this week than they normally get so if you got any a folks listen and with you that you would rather not listen to sex salk with that seems like a seems like episode safer you're for your own self and if you have people who you really do alisyn with that just make sure there in the room to be a rights you guys on the other side of the song for andrew after record the podcast wake up bought bought by dfds good morning cats and kittens it's the it's the while well there it on your booties because cot at scientists are co cod is hot out working to overdo the podcast with the books that you've been meaning to read why davis craig name is andrew that is bad well di come up with a bear one is sorrow over if you want at a weird dream that's yeah so it's find that we started with you sleeping tell me about your dream on china's abroad it was about okay while you try remember being deeply distressed about it while you try to remember ongoing it let the audience know that we are talking about conceals dart by jacqueline kerry harm which is recommended to us by a patriot on supporter le so thanks elie enters gonna tell us about this book but i can tell you as dream.

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