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The wind they thought this online they put together last year was going to be dominant the camera up and then after is good rookie year got hurt like the first game and then in the Norwell one out Brandon Linder can't seem to stay healthy but then they all come back can they be healthy can they dominate was going to be catching the ball is Terrelle Pryor gonna make the team is mark usually get a comeback how bout Tobin Smith is going to fill in for him there's this the team is chock full of story lines just salad I'm going to do I was just about to say what about the the rookie linebacker Josh al but I noticed you haven't mentioned the one king band the one big move that the Jaguars made are you going to do it or do I need to do it Nick pulls it out I don't think it's a huge story line just because you don't seem confided to conserve the thing is is an improvement I think it's a tight in gonna be who's as he was going to be well that's important but honestly I I'm gonna disagree with you I think it's a huge story the fact that he's not with the eagles he's now the starter you know undisputed he this is his team and there's a lot of pressure on him though of course they brought in guys to make them comfortable but all those things you're talking about their importance but it doesn't matter if you don't have a quarterback I get I get it that people just seem to thank all they need is a care kit caretaker on that team with that defense and if he can just do what he's done in his career I think they'll be absolutely fine well fine I guess I find your goal might well you know what I'm saying they'll be they'll be they'll be very upbeat without turnovers I appreciate it my mom all of my mom all the time how you know how something looks sell something when she's like oh it's fine my mom find is average fine it's just it's it's middle of the road it's kind of boring and so I hate that word but if you're okay with buying Mike I'm okay with fine thank you so much for your phone call eight five five two one two X. into war I just like to hear the voice god talk about football like we're talking about football eight five five two one two four two two seven now aid to be is in Jacksonville.

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