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You get to align to thinning freedom goes in his doubled in their work. Now, this is important because for example, free speech on campus. Is defending Nathan Apodaca currently deployed, by the way, US military. He's a student. Cal State university, San Marcos. He is the president of the students for life pro-life group. They denied him five hundred dollars to bring a speaker to campus the campus gender equity center and LGBTQ TA pride center received over two years. Two hundred ninety six thousand four hundred ninety eight dollars. Nathan Apodaca couldn't get five hundred dollars. Look, this is the same policy across Twenty-three, Cal State campuses and eighty f- is fighting to change it. Eighty f- is also fighting with Michigan's Kellogg community college. Were students at that young Americans for freedom for liberty chapter were arrested arrested for passing up copies of the constitution. They continue to support Jack Phillips Jack is the Baker in masterpiece cake shop, and what you need to know about that is that as soon as he won at the high court. A new case was brought against him before the same Denver commission. Colorado human rights commission that was thrown out by the supreme court and chastised by the supreme court in June. Another request for a K this time, celebrating gender transition. From male to female. They were wanted someone came in in order to cake celebrating that Jack turn it down. So another complaint filed before the Colorado, civil rights commission. Quote, the same agency that the supreme court just said his hostile to Jack Phillips remains committed to treating him unequally enforcing him to express messages and violate his religious beliefs senior, vice president Kirsan Wagner Evert, Kristen Wagner on this show. Jack serves all customers he's to serve the attorney lodges complaint against him. But Jack doesn't create custom cakes. That expresses messages or celebrate events that contradict deeply Royce. Apparently that isn't enough for the commission. It insists on fourth Jack to celebrate ideas and events that violate his fate. Eighty apple never stopped defending Jack Phillips drop a Dhaka and Cal State for the students in Michigan anyone in the United States on any religious liberty issue. But they need your help. Right. You've got to go and give them your help. You can call. Today. Eight six six seven hundred ten sixty eight six six seven hundred ten sixty or go to Q Hewitt dot com. I wanted to come in today voice challenge, though. I am to make sure that we reach goal and get people behind alliance defending freedom. They are exactly what we need done right now, which is the protection of the exercise clause with the new supreme court. And by the way, the reason you vote for senders like Martha mcsally and John James in Arizona and Michigan like, Josh Holly in Missouri. Like, Rick Scott in Florida. Mike Braun in Indiana. We increase our Senate majority and keep the good judges.

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