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The British Library in London. So stay with us for the forum on your ages. Historic silk routes after the news BBC News. Hello, This is Jerry Smith. Russians are starting to vote on constitutional reforms that could see President Vladimir Putin remain in power for another 16 years. From Moscow. His Sir Rainsford. There are dozens of amendments to the Constitution. But the voters, I guess or no to all of them for the Kremlin. There is only one critical change here, the one that would allow Vladimir Putin to run again as president. Twice if he chooses. His critics call it a power grab even a constitutional coup and it's happening is Mr Putin's approval rating is on the wane. It's likely to fall further is the full economic impact of the Corona virus pandemic is felt. And that's why this vote's happening Now, even though the number of covert 19 infections is still rising, the balance has been spread over a week for safety for the criminal wants to secure a large turnout to give the process legitimacy. A 14 day quarantine has come into force in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. For all arrivals from eight other U. S states with surging Corona virus outbreaks in New York waverers transmission has slowed hefty fines had been threatened against those who don't comply. The states affected include Texas, Florida and the Carolinas. David Willis reports. Eight states are included in the quarantine order, some of which, like Texas, Arizona and Florida, have seen a dramatic increase in Corona virus cases in recent days after lifting lock down restrictions. Anyone who violates the quarantine order could be fined. Meanwhile, the University of Washington is forecasting that the number of deaths caused by the Corona virus in the U. S could reach 180,000 by October. Currently, that figure stands at around 122,000. Three men in the U. S. State of Georgia have been formally charged with the murder of the modern robbery. A young black man who was shot dead in February while out jogging. They faced nine counts, including murder. They called county District Attorney Joy it. Holmes announced the charges at a news conference. That indictment does have nine charges on it. There was no in charges are malice murder. Four counts of felony murder and four felonies under which the predicates for felony murder charges. This is another positive step. Another great step for finding justice for Ahmad. Finding justice for this family and the community. Beyond 1000 troops have been deployed to the Australian state of Victoria, where intensive testing is under way to bring a Corona virus outbreak under control. The soldiers will help with testing and monitoring quarantine programs at hotels for return travelers. The state Premier Daniel Andrews said hundreds of people would find out across neighborhoods in Melbourne, the country's second city, knocking on doors to invite residents to be tested. Load news from the BBC. The Australian airline Qantas is to cut a least 6000 jobs and ground 100 aircraft for up to a year as it deals with the In fact the Corona virus pandemic. Some planes may be mothballed for longer. The company is also looking to raise $1.3 billion to help with the impact. The U. S Defense Department has named 20 major Chinese companies that it says either owned or bagged by the country's military. The list includes the telecoms John Holloway, video surveillance from Hick Vision, China Telecom and China Mobile. Karishma vous Wani reports. Washington says companies like Wal Away aren't operating simply is private enterprises. Instead, their tools of the Chinese state and Communist Party and actively seek information from their customers to hand back to Beijing quality in Beijing have consistently denied these allegations. This new list for use by U. S. Congress members and businesses could pave the way for financial sanctions against these companies, which would make it harder for them to operate and make transactions within the U. S. Banking system. The Supreme Court judge has ordered the release on bail of a right wing campaigner who organized rallies calling for military intervention in Brazil. Sara Jeremy, any known as Sarah Winter, was arrested last week with five other activists. An outspoken supporter president useable scenario. She's campaigned for the closure of the Supreme Court and Congress, accusing them of undermining the president's powers. Miss Jeremy will have to wear an ankle bracelet in orderto have her movements traced. An American racing driver has Bean posthumously awarded the fastest land speed record by a woman nearly a year after she died trying to achieve it. Jesse Combs was killed when her jet powered car crashed in Oregon last August. After clocking a record speed of just over 841 kilometers per hour. BBC news. China, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Uzbekistan and India. If you went to any of these places 1000 years ago, you would find goods and produce from the others. It. How did they get there? And why? In this week's form from the BBC with me, Bridget Kendall will be exploring the ancient network of trade routes that made possible the long distance exchange of goods and much more all across Eurasia. It's a network sometimes known as the silk trade, but in fact, there was never one single road connecting China with the rest of Asia Further west, and it wasn't just silk that was traded along the way. So to set the record straight. I'm joined by three experts who share their knowledge with us. Valerie Hanson is professor of history at Yale University in the United States, and she has a particular interest in how good's people and ideas moved about in the past. Susan Whitfield is a historian and curator of the Central Asian collections at the British Library here in London and tomorrow, Chin is professor of comparative literature at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island in the United States. Her work focuses on ancient China. Welcome to all of you on dimension that silk rage isn't a very accurate term. In fact, it was invented by 1/19 century German geographer. So it's not even a very ancient term. So very briefly. I wonder what the three of you think would be the best description of this trade network and why, Valerie. So I have two candidates. One is thie Ammonium chloride Road on the other is Central Asian overland trade. And I think when I tell you those you'll see why the silk Road continues to be in use. Thank you will hear more about the reasons for those later in the programme tomorrow. What about you? Well, I would go with Valerie's second version of the Central Asian trade routes and my second option would be step child of globalization. To emphasize the fact that this notion off a single Afro Eurasian trade network is a modern global tail and not necessary, reflective of how people experienced it at that time. What aboutyou season. I would stick with Silk Road. I think it's a word that's resonates that is well known now and why I reject something so well known. Of course, we need to add provisos that we understand. It's not just so can not one route on maritime routes as well as Landry. Oops. Okay, well, I think onion opt for silk routes. It still has an air of beauty and luxury about it. But it pays tribute to the fact is you said season that the merchandise moved around by many different routes..

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