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Sixteen with news here's rick worthington well we've got quite a bit to tell you about today we'll start with this though if you look to the white house you'll find that embattled veterans affair secretary david shokhin is no longer going to be hanging out there he's out of a job andy rose reports the firing is the latest in a series of turnover in the trump administration another white house cabinet shakeup president trump replacing the man charged with overseeing the needs of our nation's veterans with his personal physician the the question is are these people going to do a better job for the american people i don't know the answer but the turnover really is an extraordinary i think trump thanked now former secretary david schulkin via twitter for his service to our country and to our great veterans the trouble began for schulkin following a trip to europe a damning report from the department's inspector general found the va leaders spent a good deal of time sightseeing and inappropriately accepted a gift of wimbledon tickets a white house official called the issue a distraction from the president's agenda still schulkin remains popular on the hill i've had the chance to meet and work with former va secretary schulkin a number of times over the last few years i found him to be competent and a tireless advocate for veterans but obviously it is the president's choice who will serve in his cabinet ronnie jackson an active duty navy physician now tapped to take over the second largest agency in the federal government jackson took on an unusually public role earlier this year briefing the media about trump's health amidst questions over his mental fitness i don't know the white house physician i look forward to learning more from confirmation hearings i'm andy rose reporting and let's see what's going on today on wall street it's thursday but it's the end of a short week on wall street all us stock and bond markets close tomorrow for good friday today's also the end of march and after some modest losses yesterday the dow is on track for its worst month and more than two years keep an eye on boeing today it's been hit by the wannacry computer virus a ransomware attack that's raising worries about whether it can maintain airplane production facebook is facing new government regulation so.

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