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Really Well, we're still out on mainly the interstates. We have been a lot of the secondary highways to its icy out there. If you don't have to drive, it's probably better to stay home for a while. What? Let things warm up a little bit. And the one region in the state that was to remain in phase one has now been given the green light to go to phase two immediately. The South central region includes Benten, Franklin, Yakama, Kittitas Walla Walla in Colombia counties. The announcement comes after the Department of Health found out one of the region's hospitals was unintentionally reporting covert admission data wrong Now here's your coma traffic. Couple traffic from the Demon Logger Traffic center was less than favorable conditions on the roadways. Be sure to drive four conditions, namely, being a little extra slow and keeping some extra following distance between you in the vehicle in front of you. If you're heading up to the mountain passes, be sure to check for traction tire advisories to requirements, even chain requirements for heading up that way. Meanwhile, the White Silver Bridge closed indefinitely The lower level Spokane Street Bridge open to all vehicles between 9 P.m. and 5 A.m.. After that will be restricted only to emergency vehicles, Busses and freight. 11 Smith Come on 24 7 traffic The Kamo forecast from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center. It's a tough transition from snow over to rain around the lowlands in Puget Sound, be prepared for the possibility for flooding due to clog storm drains. With all of that snow and ice. There could even be some localized power outages do do all of that rain on top of the heavy snow on some of those tree branches. We're tracking the potential for some freezing rain towards the Cascade foothills and heavy snow over the mountain passes. I'm meteorologist W counting the couple Weather center. Big time finish for Daniel Berger draining a 30 FT Eagle putt on 18, wrapping of his round of 567 good for a two shot win over Maverick McNealy at 18 under par to take the title of Pebble Beach. After can't lay and Jordan speed tied for third place at 15 under par. Women's college basketball. The Huskies lost number 10, Arizona 75 53 Wildcats 12 out of 16 on threes. Washington State of Lost to Arizona State 67 61. Day,.

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