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In the middle of the dumbest pandemic of my lifetime. If you're not subscribed, please go subscribe anyway, subscribe to podcasts including Apple podcasts and Spotify, 5 stars. Leave a nice review at Apple podcast. More of us than there are of them. Please, if you haven't subscribed yet to the YouTube channel, knock that out. It helps us and while you're here, before you leave, if you hadn't already smashed the like button, smash the like button like your Brandon Davies. That dude risks a trip to the final four just to smash. It's Valentine's Day. You're not risking anything. We have no idea when we'll talk to you again. Is that accurate assessment of things right now? Plan is Wednesday at 10 a.m.? I think that's going to be when it should be. I just have to make sure, you know, working on maybe something else I don't want to give up when the interview might be with. But so secretive. What do you want from me? So yeah, Wednesday, 10 a.m.. I think that's probably when it's going to be. Just going to completely ignore the fact that I said, I would love to push these things to 11 a.m.. You need to talk to our bosses about that. It is not my decision. Nobody talks to me. I didn't even know we didn't have video today. You want to cure that Apple one more time before. That was a great moment. No, that is why I love life. That's why I love it. You just never know what you're gonna get. I just so badly wanted a word from one of our sponsors. That was begging for it practically. We'll talk to you on Wednesday till then take care. Paramount plus is a mountain of entertainment. With live sports, including NCAA March Madness and UEFA Champions League soccer. Don't miss exclusive series to obsess over, like the prequel to Yellowstone 1883. He changed? Yes, sir. I'm the upcoming halo live action series. Plus family favorites like Star Trek prodigy. Welcome aboard. And the upcoming series big Nate. I'm an idea man. This is a mountain of entertainment. Paramount plus. Now streaming..

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