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Down below. We'll be right back is when we return. We're GONNA go over the news. We're GONNA talk about the new bull market catalyst. We're GONNA talk about finance and Komodo and we're GONNA talk about back and we're GONNA take your user requests so don't go anywhere and keep that chat going while I'm gone guys uh-huh <music> <music> <music> Yeah Sir Yeah. <music> yeah yeah <music> <music> <music> and <music> <music> <music> and we're back guys. Thank you so much for holding in there for me for the break rake and we've got a fantastic second hour for you guys all right good comments in the chat so let's head over to. Let's head over to the live scene and let's breakdown today's news. I got to come up with something I gotta come up with a come up with like a track. You know something like thumping like let's do this. Let's do something like Mike and now let's go over to the. Let's go over to the news with today in Bitcoin less. I'm good today in Bitcon Yeah. That'll work right all right so let's try that. Let's go over to the news with today in Bitcoin okay we try to guessing wrong with my restraint. Guys can still see me all right. I can hear me all right because my restrained dot stopped working and for some reason which is going crazy could just be my computer interesting..

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