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Toyota of braintree here's accu weather meteorologist deemed of a war clouds a little sun breaking through a times a brisk and cold afternoon we'll get up to near forty will drop back in the 20s tonight with some more black ice in places clouds give way to some sunshine back up into the upper thirty's tomorrow then another round of some slick spots probably tomorrow night end of tuesday morning because of some snow that could give us according to an inch or so think are along the coast and in the city we could get into some rain at times during the day tuesday high forty four but then blustery much colder wednesday highs in the 20s real feel single digits and i don't think eyes get out of the 20s the rest of next week i'm accuweather meteorologist deigned to board wbz newsradio 1030 right now we have sunshine and thirty five degrees and boston switch it upa function toyota braintree see why dealer reitercom has named toyota of braintree 2017 toyota dealeroftheyear defection toyota braintree on union street off route 3 look for the high flying american flag wbz news time twelve thirty five both statewide republican offers old at alabama say their voting for roy war for you asserted but the state senior us senator did not vote for war senator richard shelby says he instead road in the neighborhood another republican will he voted by absentee ballot more fighting for his political life following allegations that he will dusted young women and tried to date teenage girls decades ago while it is thirties he's denied the allegations polls show that a tight race with democrat doug jones made republican senator says roy war wasn't fit to serve in the senate even before the sexual misconduct allegations gave the like senator susan collins making the comments on cbs's face the nation this morning she called the republican national committee's decision to support bore the alabama race of a stake karlon said she thought was a poor choice for the senate because of his views are muslims and gays even before she learned of the misconduct allegations wbz news time twelve thirty seven not their ext at.

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