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All that stuff with a manger but a house already for in bedford obviously there was there's this wonderful bit where there was a documentary about a few years ago and channel four and the oldest meme she deutsche the last one story but the oldest one she was being interviewed and in particular she was being interviewed about the prophet woman in the eighteenth century join a south leaves their profit and this she wrote loads of piles and piles of books prophecies including conversations with the devil and the woman being interviewed was right she said blah read them all exact word she said on our radio conversations with the devil and the devil so room boom awful that was really to be short is one thing being the prince of dollars but no need to forget your manners the on the word what's your place beta so just so other when you find things like that about tad just it's so of these rights so it's sore does yeah you could also turn up go i'm here whereas my bedroom is me jesus mac nice i live here i'm gonna try that so so let's mess rebels last series back in doing been listening to this with tang i guess box steel thank you passed for doing all the work on playing music in compute posing and stuff i that was nice wasn't for us but we just used it that you'd ever not that's scripted for having me for another series thank you doing some more in september if you wanna come october november thank you to everyone of the british comedy guide especially orange mark for putting this out thank you wanna go first stripe dot com especially chris evans not that one and thank you to the camera and sound crew down here this with it including craig king george and all the other people who come along when craig george kinga can't come and thank you to i'm desi my producer dave grip thank you this is a go foster thank you this is a go faster stripe skype potato and fuzzy.

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