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And i really liked how you put it in the celebrity interviews kind of get their wall down and to have them relate to like a real person 'cause that's why we wear in all of our coats are very disarming vern when people would you talk casual annual ago you have proof is gotta and then people were like oh cool where we can have a real conversation now feel like it brings other honesty and people told a night when people tell me that they don't swear i think they're lying oh i don't trust them yeah i don't like people is just as bad as people were like what the heck and it's like the intentions the same to save just say those say the word here but the i mean i feel like it makes sense so i i got celebrities this where but you guys i mean you do most of the swearing in the kitchen react burns shit or your burning yourself or your dropping shed or whatever you mess up the recipe somehow like it's natural so in conversation and in the kitchen and that's why we're all here that would also drives us crazy when people are like so rarefied about their kitchen experiences like no you've puffing aren't have gone to drain the pasta and you cooked more pasta than you're caller can hold and its spilled all over every fucking thing and it seemed up your glasses and you couldn't see and like get real of soda or like the pie over eu over stuff the pie than everything to start spilling out all and then you have to try and figure out how to clean that i've never cleaned in of still don't know how to clean out your apartment smoke alarms go off and your maybe you guys know is there's a way to get the smell of burnt popcorn out of your house yes you can boil like water on the stovetop and put some essential oils and like cinnamon sex senate an erosion of no eight right.

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