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Word is a really loaded word conscious there are all sorts of levels of consciousness and maybe that'll be another what's the word soon but sapient comes from the the words that the root words that mean to be wise or to perceive or to remark and you can even look at sapienze which is a little bit older is that older let me see yeah it's older than sapient so that the noun form actually is older and it actually the latins sup means intelligence wisdom and even good taste so that's where things get a little bit confusing too because sometimes people will literally utilize translate things like taste the way that it's used here it doesn't mean taste on your tongue it means discernment one that is capable of discerning one that is capable of having wisdom having selfawareness is a sapient being but one that simply experiences life through its senses one that has an envelope is is a sentient being all beings are sentient in some way or another all animals at least and many plants and a lot of fungus and even some 'bacterial they have ways that they can sense their surroundings whether it's chemo ception or even something super simple like that so keep those things and it's almost like since everything is sent into a certain degree it's almost like you're it's it's almost meaningless then to say something sentient what actually isn't sentient rock a rock what's a that's hard right his i do think that in the moore poor poetic term or the way that probably a lot of science fiction authors will use the word is like are they actively perceiving or they passively perceiving there's nothing in the definition that defines that but i do think that there's kind of a line that a lot of people on the end like a sponge might not they might not consider a sponge or a leaf to be a sentient being but an organism that experiences some sort of sensation reacts to it yeah it's also we run into trouble with the term artificial intelligence yeah right because people use that term to colloquially to mean a.

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