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News radio six ten wtvn ju ju if john corby today jack of austerity you're urine for joe bradley rather you're in for john corby rebel is supposed to wearing a bow not that one got somebody bells so that those are from the job rapidly collection they're all they're all hand stencilled it's great i mean the man is he knows his bells yes i think he picked up most of those of the antidrug joe he did he did that's a lot of fun house your house your immoral the memorial day is very nice it's been great weather so it's always nice of you know i don't think anybody's plan were ruined did you a chance to do anything with a family earlier scaleddown little get together we just have the of my brotherinlaw his wife from my nephews come over for long thrown in there for about two hours though he could come out i saw sawyer uh on on facebook at years this year sisterinlaw posted a post a picture of a of your nephew a calvin making like a vegetable pizza he made of fruit fruit pizza and he made it he was very proud of it the key actually know he he did a lot of it i think he put like some finishing touches on that gander is work so you'll she she'd be like that so the crust was actually like a sugar cookie okay oh real the jail so she took the sugar cookie and she you know with the rolling pin she ruled it out yeah the sugar cookie dough doesn't really let itself into a circular shape it was almost like a paean pizza so is like a pain free pizza house it looks like a like a sugar kiwifruit on it how is also get into that part okay so she did she in calendar really nice job soya whom the she's the one who then cooked to the sugar cookie part of the council allowed to play with the oven probably he's only five yeah and then and then they look a cream cheese fruit dip type frosting and then calvin put the fruit in he and mitterand origins and blueberries strawberries was very lovely look very nice i didn't have any at all they added that there is no evidence that the cream cheeses what turned me i'm not a cream cheese yeah.

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