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What odds with other task force members and got him criticized in the media. Doctor, Atlas says. We need to allow a free exchange of ideas. Congress is back. So is the attempted more financial aid in this crisis to Americans and businesses. Partisan gridlock is stalled any emerging legislation We want small businesses that have already hung on for most of the year to survive. A few more months, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for a targeted approach totaling about half a trillion dollars. Democrats let in the Senate by truck, Schumer say that's far from sufficient as economic needs have grown, preferring more than $2 trillion. That's Fox's Jared Halpert is four weeks now since the election and the Trump campaign still fighting in states, Joe Biden won Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, where senior Trump Advisor Kayleigh Mcenany tells Fox they won one battle. Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail for us not to be able to pose witnesses not to be able to investigate and ask questions. We finally have the grants about in Nevada America's listening to Fox News. You do when? Good morning from the access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom. I'm Mitch Clark In this morning from B. J. Williams, a number of Georgians might find themselves as part of President elect Joe Biden's administration will tell you more coming up. Early accident on Dawson, the highway near Ah Helena Drive in Hall County. I'm Caleb Hutchins with look at traffic after news and weather cold temperatures even colder tonight back into the freezer and wind chills will be in the low twenties. That's coming up mornings on Main Street with Bill Main In the news this morning is President elect Joe Biden narrows his list of Cabinet choices. There could be some Georgians on the list as GNN drop, Stadler explains. One Georgian is already in Biden's inner circle..

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