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Dour would actually wind up leaving with two outs in the seventh inning having allowed just two heads sandra miller followed in it cody alan followed andrew miller and this is what happened in the top of the eighth inning there we go through two rocks and john put south acquire bodily in sleepy yankees four nothing and they would shut out the yankees four to nothing and afterward i get a chance to talk which rubber bauer about his great outing what are you feel like he did well tonight drew docherty tiger balm with guys the drive by making sure that's a plus coach forte and they weren't very wellprepared and i am i to the nohitter creep into your mind that's going on but at the store brown that terry first brought up the idea that you could start this game added feel her stabilisers i tried russia the first how much it jay bruce added to this team since he joined unbelievable mary came over here is high right away so exactly where he could do steadying presence the a professional header puts a professional a drive all over the field so the top valdano the light up dortha roger are trevor thanks six now the notes i have here said this was the full interview that was not the full interview actually josh at an all of your wear that uh i actually might burst wession did trevor was about how last year it was a course some disappointment for me at the drone injury and i said after you know not pitching the division series to come back out in open the division series this way he quickly corrected me with initially said actually pitched the division series it was the lcs that i messed and i felt so stupid because of course i covered that last year and this is what came to mind as soon as he said that what it what it deserves.

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