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So josh i gotta say when i was under this list of wide receivers the ones who have their stock rising in the stock dropping. I was going to rank them all. But i just thought that'd be too much of a mass said you know it's surely encamped really make that decisive list. We're going to say guys who are turning in the right direction and guys who are trending in the wrong direction and kind of stave are behind that way. So first and foremost josh. After being on the out for a couple of days devante parker has returned to practice on monday. That alone is a big positive. Being a veteran being someone who actually has really stepped up on the big stage Complain about head not playing sixty games every year but parker does being out in the field is a great side. I don't see him as someone really needs to practice to get these reps into too much just for being around the system for so long being around the team for so long but what it does be. Josh is that the staffs are other guys. We met have heard a little bit of so far. He's gonna suck window yet really. Isn't i mean it's kinda crazy but assumes devante parker was activated when you start to see the play you start to see the beat writers start take noticing and you start to see the the tweets and stuff like that and i mean someone asked me no. It's crazy because just a few days ago people were sitting. You're saying you know. Maybe we should cut devante parker. But when you look at it. Jake and we'll talk about preston williams and just how far down. He's truly slid But the dolphins. I mean devante parker now. Not of the unicorn on the roster. Got jaylen while you got albert wilson you got to keen grant even four to an extent i mean no one can really go up there and get that football and be that asset and one one coverage. Unless you're gonna flunk out your some of these other guys. I mean yes they do it in a different way but devante parker at true quote number one wide receiver so just to hear him being out there at camp know making those plays winning those one on one situations. I think wingfield said you know when he's a one on one coverage fifty fifty. It's like eighty twenty and Just hearing him To lower right back on the same page. I mean that's what you wanna hear again. I stay back off the pup. I mean he's already make an impact. And i think this receiving core you know is only going to get better with a guy like parker in line of. You've talked about the flexibility and the different type of opportunities that the miami dolphins offense can present the players. You mentioned parker kind of being the unicorn. And you're right that you know. He fits that mold like a second. Do where parker however can do it against the cornerback in a safety. Where seki you know. He's always gonna mosque the safety right. It's just kind of done in a different way. And i think we should put back home in that category. I think he's been a name. We've been put. He's the guy who also signed a contract extension this off season so i think he's going to also fit that. Mold has been playing that role of banality. Jarvis landry side. This is the guy who's really attacking the scenes of the defense can go up. Make plays over linebackers. So i keep an eye on him. That's one of. I think people started to write off a little bit. Just because of the sheer baillieu of this unit but moving on josh. I mean jalen waddell tell me a little bit loud him because i mean it's safe to say he can't do wrong on the facts. It really does seem that way. Jake and i don't know if you saw the quick clip yesterday but he was coming emotional. A mesh concept and assumes the ball was snapped know. Mac collins quick chipped byron jones and you just saw the space. I mean it was probably ten feet worth of space that jalen waddell had going across the mid on you know when the dolphins drafted while. I think that might have been my biggest concern was. Are they going to be able to fabricate these touches. Are they going to be able to be. You know creative enough to get him these opportunities and just to see that one play man. I mean it gave me goosebumps because we talked about. Charlie fry coming in here some of these different concepts. I mean to get a guy like jalen space before the balls even snapped. I mean that's huge and then going out there dominating making all these plays toe taps you know he. He's truly going to beat the dolphins no again. I said devante parker that mold of number one receiver jalen waddell from a rep standpoint. You know a pure volume stamp or he might be the dolphins he's going to be thrust into that role right away again with willfuller out with preston williams on the publishing in some of these other things so Jacomb in that to me has been just outstanding to hear that a guy again that you know from the outside perspective. You could sit here and say. The dolphins should've stayed put into chaser or don't ever could have been to get paid or this and that but it seems like the jalen wada. Was you know what the dolphins seeked this offense and they seem to have a plan in place in that gets me excited. Yeah he seems like of receivers that you know. You always have to know where he is on. The offense stages are always going to have to keep an item and that's kind of the biggest upgrade. We see this offense from last year. This year is the next three guys. I was gonna say josh. Let's jalen oiseaux. Albert wilson robert foster these are all fast these dudes if you lose track of them on this field. I mean they're gonna gas you for major yardage and this allowed will fuller on the field so you do. I mean you kind of were were spot on there. Were talking about that unicorn because you see the vision of this new receiving core. You see someone like devante. Parker mccown's can still have that sort of impact while maybe not getting the baller. These guys are great blockers to so. That's something that don't have to keep in mind is they're not only they're not only getting the guys who can make the ball but you need the guys who can shift you need the guys who can be technicians in the red zone and the dolphins seem to have a nice mix that going. I mean josh robert foster. He's been catching bounds. Albert wilson. If he's not catching a sixty yard sixty bomb through there from two. He's catching it at the twenty yard line running another forty yards or something like that so it seems like josh. These this is the group. We're gonna say this wouldn't be possible without your quarterback looking strong this past man. I think what's most exciting about this is just how speed kills and you do have to. You know pat yourself on the back there for robert foster because we kind of did say that he was going to be at special teams guy. But i mean you're right up there and say no keep an eye on him and he just continue to make plays early on. So you just love to see our wilson. I mean i just wanna talk about it again. He was i think an interview where he just said you know just to look on the opposite side during his press comments. Just look on the opposite side Jalen waddell that can do the exact same thing in the slot as him. I mean that is scary deadly when you go out there but like you said none of this matters of low isn't going out there and executing and jake you know i i really do..

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