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Me about 30 seconds on this What we hope to get from this action, which were doing differently here, right? We're not doing the lawsuit here. We're doing a demand like Jamie said to bring the city to the table to reckon and repair now. And what we're hoping to get from this new approach is not just changing that look to the NYPD to fix the problem because that's proven to be insufficient but reparations that go to repairing and investing in the community that was harmed. Because of that just might make a real difference This time. Jamie reporting Project 24 minutes in Mott haven looking listeners expect Well, these air people, Brian, they're not just cases for a lawyer. They're not even just stories for us, as journalists write. These are people who have real lives real family's real communities, and they have rights. So when we do this work, we are going to Proceed in this project with that, first and foremost, how are people policed? And why? As you said at the top, Brian, how are people? Police then why so we begin today. 24 hours in Mott Haven will be on Gotham is Jake. Often Hearts broke this story about this letter that dropped on Mayor de Blasio's desk today. Maybe you can ask her about it. On Friday, Brian On so you can reject reporting on gothamist at gothamist dot com. And then we'll continue reporting it out on Gothamist. We will also be working with Kai right at us of anxiety to bring you stories like Solenne Aziz in a more narrative form, and we're going to work in other places throughout our organization and hopefully cross pollinate Brian Award. We like to use that New York public radio. S so that our listeners can participate as well. Let me at least get the title. Right? I said 24 minutes in Mott Haven is a really 24 hours and body even know it's 24 minutes because within the span of 24 minutes Pardon? My French All hell broke loose. Jamie Floyd W. N. Y C Racing justice editor Selena Martin, one of the signatories to this demand letter for reparations for what happened in those 24 minutes and beyond, in Mott haven on June 4th. And General Nick Bohr. Shatha on attorney for the group. Thank you all for joining us today. Thank you, Bryant..

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