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Sean stephanie law news you're source for breaking news pulse of the stanley cup champions at the white house pittsburgh penguins met with the president in the oval office before attending a public ceremony in the east room mullah laying he has more details president trump welcomed the reigning nhl champion pittsburgh penguins to the white house tuesday not only are the penguins the first team in the national hockey league literally in nearly twenty years to be repeat champions you also captured the cup in three out of there last nine seasons that's pretty amazing while he sung the praises of the penguins his feud with the nfl continue with the president has called on nfl owners to fire players who take indeed during the national anthem to protest police treatment of african americans get that some of the field right now he's fire tuesday afternoon espn obtained this letter from nfl commissioner roger goodell to nfl teams saying the protests are to divisive and ask them to try to figure out a way to move forward when they gather for league meetings next week i think we would certainly support the nfl coming out in asking players to stay just as the president has done dallas cowboys owner jerry jones announced sunday that he will bench a player who disrespects the flag we want to approach the anthem ever respectful way one approach the flag in a very respectful way the president praised jones for the move on twitter monday mobilink each cbs news the white house well look into turner around its us sales hundai is pushing its dealerships to make some changes hundai dealers are being urged to modernize.

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