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In the morning on WTO If you can't we can Michael Anson over to rich hunter and the double DLP traffic center are traveling 66 eastbound before you get to 29 in center of all the works that have picked up and cleared all lanes have been reopened now Westbound 66 headed west to the rest area toward two 34 subtly rod you were down to a single right length that work zone leaves they have temporarily stopped traffic and networks and to move some equipment across the interstate So again not clear how long that will take but planet at least ten to 15 minutes stoppage there as they move equipment around so hopefully they'll get that done relatively quickly They're also working westbound as you approach and pass the ball away headed toward nutley street single ride lane gets you by and then the left exit to go to string fellow road was also closed on 66 west band as a result of construction And if you're on string fellow road no access to eastbound 66 that on ramp also closed Now in the northwest Washington near Mount Vernon square closure remains on New York avenue between 7th and 9th street have also got southbound 9th closed at New York avenue north down 7th in New York and in K street Massachusetts avenue can not continue through As a result of the closure again be careful if you're traveling into that area just look for police direction Everyone's being redirected there as a result Still cleaning up the crystal shop out on the Baltimore Washington park when you're one 75 in jessup You are squeezing by single file left past the scene rich on our W champion traffic If you've been waiting for the warmer temperatures they look like they're finally going to show up here over the next couple of days First off though your Tuesday morning watch out for any residual wet roads that could become a little bit.

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