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To a thirty four year old name with the name memorial via gomez memorial villagomez okay nine the maurya appeared in court today because she stabbed her sixyearold son six times with a steak knife say that three times fast now yes stabbed him gave him a staff each year he was born now i know you're wondering why what could have six iota done to get stabbed six times i thought about this because i don't like the rest of judgment because somebody's kid is bad is okay but what could he could do to get stabbed six times of course in a perfect world the correct answer would be nothing but guess what we don't live in a perfect world in this world that we live in the maurya villagomez says she stabbed her sixyearold son six times because he deserved it let's go to keiji w eight nbc for the report police perhaps the worst part of this story that mother told police her little six year old boy deserve to be stabbed thirty four year old memorial via gomez has another mug shot she's charged with intentionally trying to kill her son even trying to strangle his fourteen month old baby brother police say saturday night a woman here the avid heights apartments called nine one one when her six year old neighbor rant her yelling that his mother was trying to kill him police got him to a hospital then found via gomez covered in blood in a back bedroom holding the baby the baby was treated for choke marks on its throat and has tested positive for meth the little boy possibly had a punctured liver and lung via gomez has a history of assault d y and drug possession we're hearing that you know that six year old boy didn't deserve to get stabbed that's this show boy deserve to come out of the womb of a better human being all right that's your boy deserve to live with a family that actually cares about his being that six year old boy deserve to have a mother who within struggling with anger and substance abuse issues her youngest child had method system because clearly memorial was using meth when she was pregnant with her youngest child.

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