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Eric those are amazing because our that was two years in the making. And there's a it's like having a comfortable shoe instead of just a slippery run out to the edge of the own. Grab your newspaper here. You can wear them all day. They inside is what. I'm really proud of it's called. Impact gel is made out of us us soybeans. And you can literally take your foot it over your hand. Hit yourself with a hammer. The guy that showed me going and it doesn't even hurt. You know it's going so you get this amazing and that combined with the my pillow patented fill in a solid form. You combine all these things here. The one thing. I do want to tell people. They are not put together here. We don't have the technology so we do ship all the us parts over to cambodia and ship them back again. Bees are guaranteed grown on us soil. Yes that's all i care about. Where don we're the soybeans growing will mike and by the way. I wanna say to people. Don't do that thing where you hear yourself with the hammer. Just don't do it. Okay but just take my word for it. Well listen mike. You've been doing so many different things. I want to start out. Let's start out on the most. Shallow thing of all of fun. Movie called church people. Let's talk about that. Yeah that was five years in the making. It was back in two thousand fourteen and i was actually with my friend stephen baldwin driving through a new Do new york. And i said sieben if you ever if you ever get a chance. I'd like to come one of your movies sets. Because i'm going to write a book someday and i and i wanna make a movie from it. I'm gonna learn about the industry and he says well do you one better brother. Let's go make a movie and and these guys brought us his script. It's a christian comedy called church people and and we've filmed a couple of years ago and now for the perfect timing once again like when i was above with unplanned. This it's perfect timing before. Easter has a great message. Getting people back to the churches. Getting back to the gospel. But it's a very funny movie. A lotta great actors. I got a cameo in it. And that was my first cameo eric. I'm actually standing up route in hollywood filming and i'm standing up and i'm all nervous just a couple of years ago. And there's three hundred extras. I got my pack on my back. And i was nice. Stand up and up. The whole scene shot. The pack falls off the microphone. Rips out of my thing. I'm gonna cut cut they go you. Can't you know. I didn't know you are you're a ceo. You're used to sing cutting and people cut now. You're not driving a bulldozer in this film. I'm disappointed. I you need to hear you need to have it in your contract. And if i make a cameo has to be a bulldozer hydraulic equipment on. It was a lot of fun. And it's everyone's go lover right now. guy said Salem are hovering just going.

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