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Negotiate about no we we shouldn't be negotiating about that we shouldn't be negotiating about reducing china's bilateral deficit with with the united states that's simply not an issue in fact john you've you've rightly pointed out the economy's doing quite well in fact you hear a mixed message from this administration they rightly with some justification brag about the economy and low unemployment and jobs being created in manufacturing and we've added i think a couple of hundred thousand manufacturing jobs since the president came into office at a time when we are importing more than ever from china in fact imports tend to rise with the economy because the economy's doing well we import more as consumers are companies import rahmatullah aerials and intermediate inputs so the trade deficit is simply not a metric to judge our economic relationship with china it has been a mutually beneficial relationship china's our number three the export market for goods and for services and john we sell another three hundred billion dollars worth of us branded goods and services in china through our affiliates there even though the chinese regulations aren't what we would want us companies are operating profitably in china and that creates jobs back here in the united states now the third part is for our chinese listeners and we do talk to beijing through the podcast and we talked to shanghai so this is directed towards them their economy's in trouble and you cannot find that in the chinese news you can't find it in the metrics because those metrics are distorted by local reporting province reporting communist party gamesmanship so they're one child policy and the fact that they're about to be passed in population especially young population by india there's nothing we can do about that there's no negotiation that can solve that problem john you're absolutely right you know let's not forget the last thirty years have taught us that central planning doesn't work the free market an open free flexible dynamic economy is the more successful model and the united states has that china has issues that central planning is not going to solve you put your finger on one of the big ones demographics.

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