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You can say I dad got a couple of decent I got and keep an eye on the Twitter for the last couple of minutes if I can get better but I got a a leader in the clubhouse for the mac Daddy we did today but if you can type in the last ten minutes and it off right away at Jodie Mac man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. hi Mitch one of our resident ran Graham fans up with us on CBS sports radio I'll manage your injury thanks to Michael okay Xiao thank you you were too hard you are too high you grand but I mean I love the job thanks yeah I was gonna say it's not like I'm digging ditches here buddy yeah yes sure just rinse only wiki Broca's and follow anything girly is everybody's old St and on course thanks take Michael you got it girly as witty as C. isn't what he once was but he's still one of the better backs in the National Football League so I don't think they're gonna trying to squeeze him I don't think they'll threaten to cut him I think he's going to be at their lead back going into the season I think they want to keep follow but I don't know how would the rest of the free agents are going to shake out I know it's not a major intriguing offseason programs I don't see massive changes I don't see them trying to change the direction of the franchise I think they're going to stay the course despite having a bit of a disappointing season last year coded as two ball come back not have near as good season year after I'd that's almost standard operating procedure any NFL already and want to accept it or not to it's not just a coincidence that go back the last five years or ten years or fifteen years and you see that the team that goes to the Super Bowl and loses has a tough time the year thereafter it just's the trend is too strong to dismiss it so the rams will believe okay it was our down here and we're gonna come back at it with a lot of the same key pieces in place and take a yet another shot at it that would be my guess on the rams offseason their match David from buffalo's up on CBS sports radio a day Hey Jodie Mac are you doing the new I'm doing good man you know what as a bills fan I'm obviously not thrilled to Tom Brady's gonna be probably going back to New England but I get it for him I mean I think it makes a lot of sense because the bottom line is you know Brady is a guy that you know he he got stuck the military with with McDaniels and I think the key with that whole thing there is you know he's got to get more help around and you know going forward I mean he definitely took a step back last year I think the other thing that you see with Brady is all you know he he's the guy that you know he doesn't move like he used to solve I think you know the the bills or any other teams in the AFC no I think if they could be popular defense of wind that's the way to be himself to me I could see a one maybe two year deal with New England but he's got I don't think you've got more than two or three years what that very most right and at I think two is the Max deal he's going to get and the second year the patriots will be air time just comes back in by the time not only grabs him but picked him up and told him to the ground and all of a sudden you realize damn this guy just about all these still maybe the greatest of all time forty done previously but that's not the case anymore New England will be able to get out of it it's not going to be one of those where if they have to move on from him they're going to take a thirty million dollar cap hit of dead money he'll constructed contracted it's fair to him he's doing a lot of money this year but it's one that will give him a little bit of a safety net but also give New England flexibility when they have to turn the page going into the twenty twenty one season I think that's all he's got left I think this is going to be S. ones on I do you want to do your contract just in case he is Mr TB twelve any can be part of the time and he's actually a an odd time to time and he's not a human being the I. that's a possibility my guess is you Mandy is going to hit him between the eyes this year we're going to find out that he's just too old to be what he won twice but he'll we'll get a little bit of a a going away present in parting gifts in the contract but I I do believe we will be the patriot quarterback this year as far as how to go after him yeah I think you're right get on get on top of having teams they just throw the kitchen sink at him now Tom still got to get a bill to get the ball out fast he always has and this past year he still did his wide receivers weren't as good their overall system wasn't as good their offensive line wasn't as good that's why they didn't go back to the Super Bowl and shame on them for that they only go to disbelieve two out of every three years how dare they add that the best franchise in the last two decades in the National Football League it's not even close are you doing it they are that going away and Brady's been the guy pulling the trigger on all that and I yes bill Belichick will have a lot to say about a two day and conjured have put the patriots on a pedestal but their run I think the pedestal is is crumbling but I think they're going to go back for one more shot I I don't think you're gonna lie Brady walk away I don't think they're going to turn it over to teddy Bridgewater or Andy Dalton or someone else is back up because they are gonna take capita Brady goes elsewhere don't take a bigger Capri degeer then if they re sign him and then it's a two year deal and they have to make the decision to take a cab it next year I guarantee you twice no wonder going take this year so they're gonna stick with Brady's gonna get one more shot they're gonna try to beef up the offensive line they're going to help a guy like me kill Harry comes along after being a disappointment some of it due to injury don't tell a kid but he needs to be better than the was this past year as a first round draft pick and after all did Edmonds got one more guy good year left in him too much light Mr Brady I don't see anything drastic changing I think he stayed in New England yeah we'll hear Oakland come up again as a possibility the new stadium Jon Gruden I don't see it I'm sure over the next twenty four forty eight hours will rekindle the charges could go dared need to sell tickets new stadium Brady playing and Hollywood it has to happen yeah I don't think it's gonna happen we've seen at least as per reports the Titans as per action they went ahead and signed Ryan Tennille to a one hundred million dollar plus contract so Brady's not going there a report so I did the reports that were routed San Francisco could have been trays in him going there yeah those were rad throwing stuff at the wall and saw it see what sticks type stop what happened so those of you who believed in some of that I know my god damned from Danville loyal listener caller wanted no part of Tom Brady coming home you're gonna get looks like you're gonna get to keep Jimmy G. all these Jimmy G. is in good now but I doubt every site yeah I mean I'm not the biggest Jimmy G. fan in the world and shoot I question give me J. because I thought people elevated his status too much over games that didn't matter anything in the NFL couple years ago yeah darn good season for the forty Niners this year and because he didn't put up video game numbers like Patrick Mahomes didn't apply odds that somehow dropped him to not good enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL in whose world not my world and I take guy Jimmy G. as the starting quarterback for my team if I were an NFL franchise so let's like he's staying put there I will have a lot of smoke I don't know how much the marriage will get involved but when push comes to shove I firmly believe that Brady is going to end up right back in New England playing for bill ballot check for one more year we are definitely at the stage where Brady is a year to year decision not only for myself but for the knowing the patriots but they will sign him to a contract it will be at least two years but the only thing that will be guaranteed aside from like forty million dollars will be that will be the quarterback of the patriot in twenty twenty but not necessarily twenty twenty one hi so I hope you enjoy the week of the National Football League talked with your sports fan out there and you're not an NFL fan it's going to be rough going because nothing is going to be changed or said about D. E. N. B. A. nothing else is going to be sad or changed about the NHL baseball will see what teams decide to stay in their spring training outlets how many players stay how many players take D. a suggestion of Major League Baseball and go home and spend time with their families I guarantee you teams are trying to set up availabilities for guys if they want to get some work in at facilities at their ballparks are outside their ballpark don't trying give the players every chance to stay fresh but they're not going to do it in their spring training homes actually still be some baseball we talked about but not a lot I hope you're an NFL player but there is a legitimate NFL news to be talking about with free agency kicking in this week first starting with the legal tampering and then the actual signings come Wednesday because they did get the collective bargaining agreement done so deems know what roles they'll be playing under and yes we will have some activity in the National Football League which is better than what we get out of our other sports so well hopefully you're an NFL fan and you can enjoy hi Dan I'm running out of time years old Billy Jack what do you mean that jump jump sounder a couple of good day emails bunch people checked in today I thank them all but I will acknowledge Cole whose Twitter handle is at may be next year in Cleveland is a Cleveland fan he's got a Browns helmet is is that Twitter icon but it's not a Cleveland and related tweet well I guess I could make it into one I thank Jodi Mack man my daughter is N. B. A. play their season in the post season like March madness since March madness was canceled late all thirty two teams and call there's still only thirty teams in the NBA I saw thirty two is going to work I'll play in one game would be fine as hal yes got no chance no shot now I if you follow Spencer Dinwiddie on Twitter nets guard Billy Jack does I know that he had an interesting layout for it yesterday put it up on its Twitter it would be somewhat by Cole is talking about where all thirty two teams do get it twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine thirty would play play in games just like the NCAA tournament as teams sixty five sixty six sixty seven sixty eight and then the second round of the playoffs certain teams best record how Baez could shed could wait around that I'm sure the jury two out of three and then folded into sixteen teams making it like they usually do the playoffs that I could sign on for if you can make it really hard for the worst team in the NBA to make the playoffs to advance in the playoffs okay fine but they shouldn't have the same shot as the Milwaukee Bucks we're going to finish up with the best record they should be some advantage for the team that ends up winning the most games but it's an interesting way to look at it so well call I appreciate your contribution I don't know how many teams are in your league they're called is the only thirty any NBA thirty do any NFL thirty any N. B. at you got another all right down I'm running out of time here do me a favor this week even if you're of the mindset that the country is over reacting to the corona virus just be a mensch do the right thing take care of yourself because if you do that you're taking care of others even if you are not a U. personal looks at yourself as being critically harmed by the corona virus if you contract it you don't know what you're giving it to I just put all your reservations and concerns and the fact that you think you're being hoodwinked aside take a week do it right practiced social distancing it's not going to kill yeah it may save via and it's going to put a dent in your life for your behavior for a week let's do the right thing this week and see where we're at a week from now just a little helping hand from the body Jodie Mack and I pass it on to Billy jock and man as well please avoid it may not be stomach issues for me it's intense gas or pain or diarrhea sometimes all at once over and over I spent years with the symptoms but could never figure it out no matter what I did they never went away so I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms we discovered that exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or EPRI may be the reason for my stomach issues E. P. eyes caused by my pancreas it leads to diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain unexplained weight loss and oily stools the symptoms just don't go away but he P. I can show up with even one symptom the good news API's manageable but to get to the right diagnosis you have to break it down for your doctor and get specific about the severity of your symptoms visit identify EP I dot com to learn more and use.

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